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  1. 1. What led to the downfall of the Toyota brand-name worldwide? ID: s1200017
  2. 2. Outline ● Topic ● The automaker produces ● A robust growth ● Vehicle sales ● Emerging markets ● In China Toyota’s sales ● Toyota’s North American sales ● References
  3. 3. Topic ● What led to the downfall of the Toyota brand- name worldwide? ● Do you think it is bouncing back in 2014?
  4. 4. The automaker produces ● Toyota has benefited hugely from a deteriorating yen since the automaker produces almost 50% of its vehicles in Japan. ● The overseas profits translate back to more yen when repatriated.
  5. 5. A robust growth ● The automaker also recorded a robust growth in operating profits from 1.32 trillion yen($13 billion) in fiscal 2013 to 2.29 trillion yen ($22.5 billion) in fiscal 2014. ● The company attributed this increase to successful efforts at cost reduction and efficient marketing strategies.
  6. 6. Vehicle sales ● Consolidated vehicle sales for the fiscal year grew from 8.87 million to 9.1 million, implying a growth of nearly 3%. ● The automaker left its unit sales guidance of 10.1 million units for the calendar year 2014 unchanged. For fiscal 2015, the car maker gave a cautious outlook, projecting a slowdown in the number of cars sold.
  7. 7. Emerging markets ● Despite record profits, the automaker was cautious on sales in emerging markets. ● The gradual withdrawal of the Fed’s quantitative easing, or tapering as it is known, is causing currency fluctuations in developing economies, which is driving uncertainty in these markets. ● Political turmoil in Thailand, one of Toyota’s key markets, could also drive down sales in 2014.
  8. 8. In China Toyota’s sales ● In China, Toyota’s sales grew 9.2% to 917,500 vehicles in 2013. ● Sales were weak during the first half of the year, as the automaker battled anti- Japanese sentiment among the general public triggered by political reasons.
  9. 9. Toyota’s North American sales ● Through the three quarters of the fiscal year, Toyota’s North American sales rose 5.2% to 1.97 million units. ● However, for the fiscal year 2014, Toyota’s North American sales increased only to 2.53 million units, due to a weak presence in the pickup segment and harsh weather which is affecting the overall automotive industry.
  10. 10. References ● ● eningnews/main6240051.shtml ● ● http://www.forbes. com/sites/greatspeculations/2014/05/13/toyota-motors- earnings-review-strong-sales-in-japan-weak-yen-propel- toyota- to-profitability-but-outlook-cautious/

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