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sw homework

Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. SW Home Work S1190215 Kizuku Mineta
  2. 2. Show a business emailDear Mr. RoyMy name is Kizuku Mineta. I am writing thisemail because Id like to tell me how to do thishome work. I want email samples. So if you cangive me the samples, let me send samples.Regards.
  3. 3. Three important strategies● I write self-introduction for giving client my informations.● I write Regards and Dear. This is polite words and it is necessary to write email.● I write words asking polite, for example let me do.
  4. 4. Show 5 keywords for writing email● Would like to● Let me● Regards.● Dear● I am doing because Id like to
  5. 5. Why I chose the keywordsWould like toI chose want if I want to do something. But Idont know it is not formal and polite. would liketo do is very formal and polite. So I want towrite would like to do if I have to write email informal.
  6. 6. Identify three things I improve English ability● I study how to use polite words. Because I dont know many English honorific word.● I study how to use asking words. It is important to make someone do when I want someone to do something.● I study how to write email. For example email should have self-introduction and beginning and so on.