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  1. 1. iPhone user manualItem descriptioniPhone is the smart phone.iPhone has a type 3G, 3GS, 4 such as 4S. This section introduces the 4S.It has function as a portable information terminals operating in addition to thefunctions of the mobile phone touch panel, etc. For sending and receiving e-mail orthe Internet. iPhone can add many applications from App Store. For example, it cantake picture, play the game, or surf the Internet.SPEC Display 960 x 640 px at 326 ppi Storage 16, 32, or 64 GB CPU Core 1 GHz Dual-Core Apple A5 Graphics PowerVR, SGX543MP2, GPU Memory 512 MB DRAM iOS iOS 5
  2. 2. Turning on. you can use the iPhone.1.Look at the top right corner of the iPhone.2. It is Power switch3. Press and hold for 3 seconds to Power switch there.Using the Internet you can use the internet.1. Tap the icon of safari.2. Then, iPhone try to connect the wireless LAN(Only you have the Wireless LAN).3. Choose your wireless LAN and input your password.4. Your wireless LAN is registered in the iPhone in this behavior.5. Type the address of site of you want to connect.Get the Application you can get your favorite application.1. Tap the icon of App Store. (If you have not finished connecting the Internet, youtry explanation 2.)2. Tap the bar at the bottom, Recommend, Category, Top 25, or Search.3. Recommend is introduced application by App Store.4. Category is divided some genre.5. Top 25 is 25 applications of popular application by all Apple users.6. Search is Search Engine you want to search the word.7. If you find the application, tap the icon of price and installation.8. And input your password of iPhone.9. Then, the application is in your iPhone.
  3. 3. Restart you can restart if your iPhone is frieze.1. Look at the surface of the iPhone and notice the switch of square are printed.2. It is Home button.3. Keep pressing Home button and Power switch for 3 seconds.Turning off you can finish to use the iPhone.1. Press and hold for 3 seconds to Power switch there.GlossaryTap...Touch the icon that is reflected in the iPhone.Double Tap...Tap twice.Swipe...Slide your finger and the icon.Flick...Swipe more early.Shake...Shake the iPhone.Tap and Hold...Tap and wait in that state.Q3. Choose at least three most important graphics to describe this object. Why do youthink these graphics are important? (50 words or moreFirst graphics is important to show the iPhone. It leads to introduce the product.Second graphics is important to show the icon of Safari. iPhone has manyapplications from the beginning. So, it is need to show it for beginners. Final graphicshas let you image how many applications to go into it. It is because iPhone has a lot ofpossibilities.