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How amazon business works


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How amazon business works

  1. 1. How AmazonBusiness Worksby s1190178
  2. 2. Basics● Amazon is online shop of sells a variety of products thatalmost anything else you might want to buy.● The marketing techniques that Amazonemploys to personalize experience that youhave accessed are the bestexample of the companys overall approachto sales.
  3. 3. Amazon Technology● The massive technology core that keepsAmazon running is entirely Linux-based.● Amazons technology architecture handlesthe millions datas of marketing.So Amanzon uses a huge servers, CPUs,database softwares, etc..
  4. 4. Amazon Technology● In the 2003 holiday season, Amazonprocessed 1 million shipments and20 million inventory updates in one day.● Amazon employs the Netscape SecureCommerce Server using the SSL protocol forprotecting the customers credit-cardnumber, address, e-mail address, accountspassword, etc..
  5. 5. Amazon E-commerce● has always sold goods out ofits own warehouses. In addition, Amazonhas branched out into additional productareas and the third-party sales.● Third-party sellers can sell only new goodsbut also sell used goods.
  6. 6. Amazon E-commerce● In addition, another sales channel calledAmazon Advantage is a place where peoplecan sell new books, CDs, etc. directly fromthe Amazon warehouse instead of from theirhome or store.● Through Amazons Associate Program,people who have a Web site can post a linkto and earn some money.
  7. 7. Amazon Tools,Marketing and Community● Amazons marketing structure is based oncost-efficiency and self-promotion.● Amazons customer tracking system is usefulfor recommending other products that isratedthe products youve purchased.● A recent development for customer trackingcollects informations on people who have
  8. 8. Amazon Tools,Marketing and Community● People write their own reviews,recommendations and lists that based onAmazons product offerings and share themwith all of● Amazon has funded search engine that hasfull search capabilities, easily accessiblepersonal search history, etc..