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  1. 1. mazonhow to use amazon
  2. 2. Introduction to How Amazon is legendary and, at times,controversial: The company owns dozens ofplanet son e-commerce processes that someargue should remain in the public domain.
  3. 3. AmazonTechnologyyThe data warehouse is roughly divided into three functions:query, historical data and ETL a primary database function thatpulls data from one source and integrates it into another. Thequery servers contain of raw data in 2005 Amazonstechnology architecture handles millions of back-end operationsevery day as well as queries from more than half a million third-party sellers. According to a report released by Oracle after ithelped migrate Amazons data warehouse to Linux in 2003 and2004, the central task process looks something like this:
  4. 4. Amazon to sell their products in addition to selling themthrough their own Web sites. The sales go through and end up at, Lands or for processing and order fulfillment. Amazon essentiallyleases space to these retailers, who use as asupplemental outlet for their online sales.
  5. 5. Amazon Tools, Marketing and CommunityAmazon practically nothing. Some associates create miniAmazons satellite sites that do new things with Amazon dataand send people to the mothership when theyre ready to buy.Amazon Light, built and maintained by software developer AlanTaylor, is one of those satellite sites.
  6. 6. Lots More InformationWhen inventors come up with a new device, the first thing theywant to do is patent it. Patents are a governments way ofgiving an inventor ownership of his or her creation. For acertain period of time, patent-holders are allowed to control howtheir inventions are used, allowing them to reap the financialrewards of their work.