Graded Assignment # 9 - 10%


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Graded Assignment # 9 - 10%

  1. 1. The curry recipeTypes of the Curry SpicesCurry powder is made of various spices. Bottom lists are introduction of these spices.TurmericMost curry powders get their color from ground turmeric. It has a sharp, clean smell,and is used in many Indian dishes.Black PepperFinely ground black pepper adds heat and spice to curry powders.CorianderCoriander seeds have a pungent odor and a spicy flavor. They are roasted and finelyground for curry powders.GingerDried, powdered ginger brings a sweet and hot flavor to curry powder. Ginger is usedthroughout India, as a spice and medicinally.
  2. 2. CuminCumin seeds are dry roasted to bring out their flavor, then powdered. Cumin is oftenpaired with coriander.Chili PowderDried and powdered red chilies add heat to curry powder. Their bright red skins alsoadd color.CinnamonIt is used in many meat recipes and has a strong impact on the flavor of a curry. It isnot necessary to dry fry cinnamon for use in curries, but the flavor is somewhatenhanced by doing so, and then powdering into the curry mixture.ClovesCloves are an extremely strong spice, adding both flavor and aroma to a curry. Evenjust 2 or 3 added to a curry can produce a perceptible flavor.Cloves can be addedwhole to a curry or used with other spices and ground to make a garam masala.Cumin seedCumin seeds are used commonly in dry vegetarian curries, and sometimes added as aseasoning to boiled rice, imparting flavor and fragrance.Fennel seedFennel is often used in garam masala powder and is used in Kashmiri cuisine. It is oneof the few spices that imparts its aroma and flavor without the need for prior dryfrying.Fenugreek seedFenugreek is not used very often in Asian cuisine, but used mainly in Southern Indiancookery. They are used roasted and powdered with red chili as part of a condimentknown as muligapuri.Black mustard seedBlack mustard seeds are used whole in Southern Indian curries and vegetable recipes.Poppy seedPoppy seeds have a mild nutty taste and are generally ground to a paste with a littlewater after the initial dry frying. They can be used as a coating for potatoes, or used ina curry to add the nutty taste, as well as thickening the curry.Curry in the World
  3. 3. If you love curry, there are plenty of places in the world to enjoy it. Each countryhave each different curry that reflects the features of the country. Bottom listsintroduce the curry in the world.1. BritainCurry came to Britain through its colonial ties with India. The dish has been amainstay of British cuisine for decades. London and Birmingham are the best placesto experience curry here, and you can take your pick from hundreds of curry houses.Popular recipes include vindaloo, biryani, korma and sambar.2. ThailandOne of the most commonly available curries in Thailand is massaman. Thai curry ischaracterised by meat, fish and vegetables in sauces created using spicy pastes.3. JapanThe most popular curry type in Japan, kareraisu, consists of curry, rice and pickledvegetables. In Tokyo, pork is typically featured in curry dishes while in Okinawachicken is the most popular ingredient.4. MalaysiaThose who have the opportunity to travel throughout Malaysia will find that that currydishes vary from one state to the next. Common ingredients include garlic, chillipeppers, shallots, ginger, turmeric and coconut milk.5. ChinaPeople are often surprised to find curry in China. Even more surprising is theconsistency of Chinese style curry, which tends to be watery and can feature fish,beef, chicken, potatoes, onions and green peppers. It also tends to be slightly spicyand is best served on a bed of steamed rice.6. MyanmarAs for the curry, it’s positively oozing with Indian spices, meat, fish, fresh onions andred chillies. Coconut milk isn’t a traditional ingredient of the curries from this part of
  4. 4. the world.7. JamaicaAlong with sun, sand and sea, Jamaica is also famous for its variety of curry dishes,the most famous of which is curried goat. Often served with rice and peas, the dishfeatures curry powder, potatoes, carrots and onions.8. VietnamAlthough curry isn’t considered to be an especially popular dish in Vietnam, it’s stillquite widely available. Here, a soupy type of curry called cari is the most commonvariety. It typically includes sweet potatoes, taro roots, green onions, cilantro,potatoes, sweet potatoes and coconut milk.9. IndonesiaNo visit to Indonesia would be complete without sampling rendang, which is thecountry’s most popular type of curry. The dish usually consists of whichever types ofvegetable and meat are available locally and tends to be super spicy, so keep a cooldrink close to hand.10. IndiaIt goes without saying that India is the place to go for some of the world’s mostsublime curry. Vindaloo curries are readily available in southern part of the country inplaces like Goa and Andhra Pradesh.Preparing IngredientsTo make a Curry, We need to prepare ingredients. It uses carrots, potatoes, onions,and pork to make most popular curry in Japanese home cooking.1. CarrotsCarrots ware in ground when it grew, so, carrots should be washed. Wash carrotswithout using a soap. After washing, peel with peeler. Cut carrots in round slices.2. PotatoesAlso potatoes, should be washed and peeled. Wash and peel it. Then, Cut potatoesinto four parts.3.OnionsYou need not to wash onions, but need to peel. After peeling, Cut onions like a comb.4.PorkPork should be cut into cut bite-size pieces.After all, put cut vegetables and pork into a pan.1. We cut each foods and we finished preliminary arrangements of cooking. At first,we set pan on fire and we put butter and vegetable oil in it.Then, we put vegetables awhile ago in it, and stir-fry them.
  5. 5. 2. On the other hand, we stir-fry meat for butter lightly to frying pan. When the colorof meat begins to change, we will put them into pan. Because we want to preventmeat adhering to pan, we use the frying pan.3. Then we put in pan the water of the quantity currently written on the box of roux ofsolid curry. At the same time, we put 100-cc water into the frying pan which stir-friedmeat, and we stir like the bottom of that may be removed, and we boiled the water.Because we don’t make useless the taste of the meat which adhered to the frying pan,we do such act. we cover pan and set it on high flame.4. Then since bitter taste will come out , we remove it. When we finish it, we turndown the heat and we simmer them until the vegetable well-done unsalted. We cancheck whether they are well-done or not. The method is whether to stab potato orcarrots with bamboo skewer or toothpick, and to be soft.5. If vegetables are well-done, we will turn off the fire. And we put the roux of solidcurry in pan and place it for a while. Then we let them simmer . We stir them andmelt the roux of curry. Now, it is completion of the roux of curry.
  6. 6. 6. We dish up boiled rice on the left half of a plate, and dish up the roux of the curry previously made on right half of a plate. Now, it is completion of curry.How to eat curryPreviously, how to eat curry are grouped into two categories. The first is how to eatcurry together with rice. The second is how to eat curry together with naan.1) Together with riceHow to eat curry together with rice are commonly found in all over the world. Also,Some people scoop curry and rice into a same plate (like the above picture) and eatcurry and rice others scoop curry and rice into separate plates and eat curry and rice(like the picture below). Both manners are the methods with spoons and there is littleto distinguish the first manner from the second manner. So, we think good to choosethe manner which is easy to eat for one.
  7. 7. 2) Together with naanFirst, we explain about the naan. The naan is a kind of bread, and is made of whiteflour. Moreover, the naan was first introduced from Central Asia and South Asia.Nowadays, the naan is a necessity for hot dishes.Next, we explain about how to eat curry together with naan. In this manner, we tearnaan into bite-size pieces and eat these naan dipped in curry. So, it’s nice to dip naanin the curry with spoons before eating, and it’s also nice to eat naan without spoons.By the way, do you know the fact that people of Indian use only own right hand whenthey eat curry? The reason why they do such things is because India have a legendthat the left hand is a unclean hand. So, they don’t use their right hand when they eatsomething. In this way, we can learn various knowledge about curry from eatingcurry. Thus, learning knowledge about curry through eating curry is one way tofurther eat tasty curry.