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  1. 1. How Firefox Works 1.Introduction to How Firefox Works How many Web browsers do you know? For example,Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera andFirefox. My favorite browsers is Firefox, so I will explainFirefox to you. Fireofox has been steadily chipping away at InternetExplorers dominance. Because Many people use Windowsand Internet Explorer. Many Windows users dont give asecond browsers. In fact, some people arent aware that thereare many Web browsers in the world. Firefox is building a growing crowd of dedicated users whospread their enthusiasm by word of mouth. Popularity about Firefox has grown since it started itsservice, particularly among Web. I think that reason is Firefox increase we can find out whatmakes Firefox different, what it can do and what effect anopen-source browser might have on the Internet.
  2. 2. 2.Firefox History Do you precisely understand about Firefox? Actually,general people dont exactly understand it. The origins of Firefox directly connects to Netscape whicha company whose Web browser. Netscape took a leading partbrowser before Microsoft made Internet Explorer. Theinternal company name for the browser was Mozilla. Eventually, Netscape released the source code that anyonecould see and use the code. A non-profit group was set up todirect the development of browsers using this code. Thisgroup established the Mozilla Foundation in 2003. But ifeverything had gone as planned, Firefox is not the browserthe Mozilla group would have released. And, the browser that was known as Firefox was known asPhoenix; in addition, Phoenix was changed the name toFirefox. Currently, about 20 percent people who use Internetdownload Firefox.
  3. 3. 3.Firefox Basics At first, the top of the screen, youll find the Awesome Barthat is a space for typing in Web addresses. Forward, back,home, reload and stop can all be found in this basicconstruction. These buttons are fully customizable. You canreconstitute them and get rid of some of them or add newones. As soon as you begin typing something, the browser willpull up a list of sites when youve visited it thinks you want. You can just pick from the list in the drop-down menu andthe browser will take you there directly. The Awesome Bardoesnt just track URL. It also picks terms found in the sitesyou visit. So if youre looking for a site with a particularname, theres a good chance that Firefox can help you trackthe site down. Now, Firefox is so similar to Internet Explorer. There arequite a few reasons, but Firefox is proud of security for manyusers. Firefox was considered safer than Internet Explorer,but every program has defect. In fact, that defect was discovered in the Firefox.
  4. 4. 4.Firefox Features In Firefox, there are useful features that set it except forearlier versions of Internet Explorer. In fact, that practicalevery other browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Operaand Google Chrome, has accepted them. If you want to visit a new Web site while keeping yourcurrent one open in except from Firefox, you have to open acompletely new browser window. However Firefox solvesthat by permitting sites to open in separate tabs within thesame browser window. Instead of switching between browserwindows, you can look different sites by clicking on the tabsthat appear below the toolbar in Firefox. Its site works undersome different operating systems, but it is not Windows. This feature allows you to use the browser without itrecording any of your search history or other identifiableinformation about your session. Or if you prefer, you can usethe Forget this Site option instead to eliminate all traces ofthat one source.
  5. 5. 5.Firefox Extensions Gestures You can customize the gestures and combine them . Forexample a down-then-left gesture minimizes the browserwindow. Foxy Tunes Firefox extension places a small control panel on theFirefox tool bar. And that tool bar allow users to control anymedia player software from within the browser. Forecast Fox This popular extension puts a short-range weather forecastin your toolbar. Radial Context The Radial Context extension livens this up by giving youa small dial of graphical options instead of that plain textmenu. Adblock Plus Some use a list of known ad servers or block images fromservers with the words banner in the domain name.
  6. 6. 6.Firefox Security If you try to install software on your computer, InternetExplorer checks to see if the digital signature matches theactual vendor of the program. However, a digital signaturedoesnt guarantee safe software. It just means that someonepaid for the signature, and there have been cases of fraudulentsignatures being issued. Firefox offers several other security enhancements. Inaddition, Firefox now offers anti-phishing and anti-malwareprotection. If you visit a site that may attempt to installspyware, Firefox will give you a warning and even provideyou with a reason why its not safe to visit that site. There are far more people who want to close security holesthan there are hackers who want to exploit them. Havingthousands of people looking over your code and helping tospot problems means that most security flaws will get fixedvery quickly. Consequently, Firefox has a very good software. If you stilldont download Firefox, I suggest that you use this Web site.