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Possible health effects_of_nuclear_crisis_1

  1. 1. Possible health effects of nuclear crisis s1180203 Chika Watanabe
  2. 2. About radiation ● Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 "Earthquake in East Japan" has issued a lot of damage. Among them are destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant located in the Fukushima and is happening the radiation leak in outside. ● People are staying within a 20 mile radius of nuclear power plants to compost indoors at the moment, has been warned to adequate ventilation. Also, people who are within 12 miles of a nuclear power plant is 170 000 people stay. people was receaved iodine tablets. But at least 200 people are bathed in a lot of radiation. 
  3. 3. For non-ionizing radiation ● There are two types of radiation. The non-ionizing and ionizing. Infrared Non-ionizing radiation. The ionizing was include radio waves, cell phone radiation or radiation in the microwave to warm food. Non-ionizing radiation does not adversely affect the body. So must not cause cancer.However, ionizing radiation can cause cancer.
  4. 4. About ionizing radiationDifferent effects on the body by the time you receive ionizingradiation. The first symptom that effective as much as thosewho received radiation therapy treatment. That is harmful. Butit become symptomatic gradually nausea, fatigue, andsymptoms like vomiting. After that, the hair loss and diarrhea.Diarrhea and the destruction of the intestinal mucosa andgenerally become more severe symptoms, dehydration, andcentral nervous system damage. Then lost consciousnessdies.
  5. 5. Nuclear and Radiation● Nuclear explosion, the issue has two types of lethal radiation. The gamma rays and X rays. These two very dangerous radiation. Exacerbates the damage by simply dies of wounds exposed to gamma rays and X rays. The two issued a number of deaths in Nagasaki and Nagasaki by radiation.● Radiation emitted from nuclear power plants in Fukushima is not a gamma-ray and X rays. And nuclear radiation emitted from nuclear power plants are therefore different.
  6. 6. That affect the human body for iodine● Atom affects the human body is iodine and cesium. These two are not specifically included in the components of the nuclear bomb is very dangerous. The bomb was contained cesium-137 and iodine-131.● Iodine-131 has the potential to cause tumors. In most cases, is the greatest danger to children now growing body would give damage the cells in 8 days.Iodine by radiation can be prevented by drinking a normal iodine tablets.
  7. 7. For cesium in harmful● Cesium-137 atom is very dangerous. Since the same effect as potassium, food, water, into our milk and enters the inside of the body by drinking it.● And because that contaminated land, it does provide a significant impact on the world.
  8. 8. Conclusion● Not that all radiation is dangerous, but it increases substantially the probability that cancer or illness but not too much exposure to radiation emitted from the principle of nuclear power plants.● We can do now is simply to make it possible exposure to radiation. This occurs particularly radiation because they contain ingredients similar to crude nuclear bomb. So you must be careful.