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  1. 1. Nuclear radiation and humans health s1180197 Kana Horii
  2. 2. Tow types of radiations ● Non-Ionizing radiation ➩Refers to any type of electromagnetic radiation that doesnot carry enough energy per quantum to ionize atoms ormolecules—that is, to completely remove an electron from an atomor molecule. ● Ionizing radiation ➩The action of the substance, either directly or indirectlyionizing the material (ionization effect) that the ability of ionizing
  3. 3. Non-ionizingRadiation Source Wavelength Frequency Biological effectsUVA Black light 318-400 nm 750-950 THz Eye: photochemical Sunlight cataract Skin: erythema, pigmentationVisible light Lasers 400-780 nm 385-750 THz Eye: photochemical Sunlight & thermal retinal Fire injury LED Skin: photoagingMicrowave PCS phones 1 mm - 33cm 1-300GHz Heating of body Cell phone tissue microwave oven Wi-FiRadio-frequency Cell phone 33cm - 3km 100kHz-1GHz Heading of bodyradiationn Television tissue FM,AM Raised body coedless phone temprature
  4. 4. ionizingRadiation Energy WRX-rays 1Ganmma raysElectronsPositronsMuonsNeutrons <10 keV - 20 Mev 5-20Protons >2MeV 2Alpha particles 20Fission fragmentsHeavy nuclei
  5. 5. Radiation exposure  Radiation exposure is that the human body must be exposed tothe massive dose of radiation. It dies when the symptom is heavy.Symptoms caused by exposure ● Leukemia ● Cancer ● Nausea ● headache
  6. 6. Nuclear bombNuclear bomb is a nuclearweapon that explodes it by thenuclear fission reaction thatatomic nuclei such as theuranium and plutonium. cause.The power of an atomic bomb isindiscrimination and a largeamount of Weapons of massdestruction that are extremelylarge compared with conventionalarms, and slaughtered.
  7. 7. Relation radiation from nuclear plant and nuclear bomb1. Uranium concentration ➩ The nuclear power plant doesnt explode like theatomic                 bomb because the uranium concentration islow. 2. Rapidity of response of nuclear material ➩ The atomic bomb does instantaneously thoughnuclear                 power generation does the reaction spendingtime.
  8. 8. Conclusion 1. There are two radiation, it is non-ionizing and ionizing. However, only ionizing is harmful in the human body. 2. The nuclear power plant and the atomic bomb have a bigThe bloodshed ability of the nuclear power plant is lowerthan that of the atomic bomb.