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Nuclear radiation health_effects_article_1

  1. 1. Nuclear radiation health_effects_article_1 Shunsuke Baba s1180193
  2. 2. About the cellI have already thought made of mans bodyof an innumerable cell to be understanding.There is longevity in each one of the cell.A new cell is always made from the division,and the copy.As a result, the life in the every part of thebody is maintained.
  3. 3. Why is the radioactivity harmful?When the human body bathes in theradiation voluminously, the function to makethe cell newly is destroyed.It becomes impossible for the skin to producenew cells in a word. It comes for the skin topeel off fast when the cell that composes theskin has died and not to fall. When thegenetic code is damaged, it is thought tomake it to cancer afterwards enough.
  4. 4. Nonionizing radiationIt is an electromagnetic radiation without thesufficient energy though the atom and themolecule are ionized. The electric charge ionis not generated even if the object is passed,and it has the energy only of the movementof the electron to a higher semi-place. However, it is confirmed that variousbiological consequences are in eachnonionizing radiation.
  5. 5. Ionizing radiationThis is dangerous. The alpha or thebeta particle discharged from X rays,gamma rays, and the radioelementsuch as those collapses is contained asthis example of the kind of of theradiation.
  6. 6. Nuclear bomb and nuclear plantA nuclear bomb generates two types of the radiation that hasthe lethal property. 1.It kills directly and deterioration leaves other injuries to sufferfrom the explosion.2. Irradiating it near the site generates X rays and gamma rayswith fatal of the radiation or fatal dose near it.The nuclear plant is not a luminescence gamma and X-rayirradiation. Most of the radioactivity is a form of a radioactivecesium and a radioactive iodine that is the by-product of thenuclear fission of the uranium in the fuel rod.
  7. 7. Cesium 137 and iodine 131 aredangerous.Iodine 131 is absorbed to the possibility thyroidthat it causes the tumor by priority. Because itpossesses the half - life of the eighth, anddamages the cell that is rapidly divided of it, it isthe most dangerous for children.The problem can be improved by taking thetablet of a usual iodine to unite with a substantialthyroid, and to prevent a radioactive iodine fromuniting.
  8. 8. ConclusionThere is a thing that has been received from thenatural world even if the radioactivity is said thatit is dangerous. I think that sensing bedangerous if becoming what situation and actingare important. It is necessary to know theradioactivity more for that.