The dot com bubble in california


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The dot com bubble in california

  1. 1. The DotCom Bubble in California s1180131 Yutaro Ono s1180138 Takuya Saito s1180139 Kento Sagi
  2. 2. Dot Comm Bubble• It happened at the 1999.• The place where the United States was center.• Abnormal climax of actual demand investment and stockinvestment of the company
  3. 3. Stock Prices• Nasdaq composite index zooms.• The index: The 5000.• The same thing cuts it in Europe, Asia and Japan from 1,000 years.
  4. 4. Stock Prices• A venture boom is accelerated.However, but is a rise and terrorism of the interest rate when a bubble completely collapses for 2002.The cause
  5. 5. Collapse• Because because there is influenced.It, it is a big company after Google and Amazon, and thatsurvived gives you impetusto it.At this time by this time.911 terrorism after a bubble burst, and China is not done; is an information technology boom now.
  6. 6. In Japan• 1998. As for the allied upswing in problem, the optical communication, the stock prices of the Osaka cable, etc.participate, the bubble did not continue for a long time little by little in investment.However in Softbank.
  7. 7. In Japan part.2• It was a thing of wasrecessional, and it was bubble economic ruin, and the 2000.Stock price of associated problem was 1/100.However degree, and originally it was limited to the damage in March.
  8. 8. Information• It is the race of the third revolution human being continuing for agriculturalrevolution and the Industrial Revolution that revolutionIt premises that it is age of informationrevolution in the Japan.The information field in 2000, and may develop rapidly in 1980.
  9. 9. Option• It is not admired age and they daysof as of now it which came to be interested in a PC for firsttime just.However terrible.I as for the evolution of the PC apparatus of approximately 2,000 years.
  10. 10. References• Robert · H · Smith · The school thesis number is 029 RHS from available 06 of SSRN -• Robert · H · Smith · The school thesis number is 029 RHS from available 06 of SSRN  -