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  1. 1. How Rakuten is planning to runtheir entire business in English? s1180131 Yutaro Ono s1180138 Takuya Saito s1180139 Kento Sagi
  2. 2. Rakuten Global Business● Because an aim of Rakutens is to become the worlds largest Internet service company, Rakuten sets up global business.● The company which is not applied to only Rakuten in this way in the face of the difficult future predicted that a market will continue reducing it by low birthrate and aging in the long term rapidly in Japan can turn to the attention now in the global market.● The Rakuten market is continuous and comes to U.S.A., France, the Chinese market.
  3. 3. Rakuten English Strategy part.1● In the Rakuten market, the English becomes the official internal language of companys by the end of 2012.● 400 employees of those are non-Japanese, and the Rakuten group has 6000 employees in the world.● Because I got MBA in Harvard University, he is very good, and President Rakutens Hiroshi Mikitani talks about English.
  4. 4. Rakuten English Strategy part.2● When I cannot sometimes learn English for two years, the operating officer is discharged from the operating officer.● Rakuten carries out an executive meeting in English and finally takes all inside document in English.● All menus have been already prepared for in English.● When English is used in a cyber space and IT widely, the Miki Valley says.
  5. 5. The Other Company English Strategy● In Fast Retailing, in the case of the only Japanese employee, as for the formula language to begin in March, 2012, it is like English that these employees can use the Japanese in an E-mail and a meeting.● It is decided whether an employee can advance by the foreign language ability of the employee.
  6. 6. Risk to Rakuten All English part.1● Among the Japanese, and non-employees who speak English fluently - The employees of Japan, there is a language barrier.● Company than like Nissan and Nomura, Rakutens importance of English is low.
  7. 7. Risk to Rakuten All English part.2● English technology of employees so that the poor, the company will not be able to supply a high quality of service.● The unique expression of the only native language, there is.● Between Japanese and English, please have a completely different structure.● Japanese language and culture may disappear.
  8. 8. Improvement Plan to Rakuten All English● Japan must reform education in the United Kingdom. - Japanese education in the UK, you must spend a lot of time, such as starting from the elementary school education in English. Since the United Kingdom section of the Japanese education read most of Japan - British education, I must make a strong effort to speak English technology.● The above improvement plan may be minimal effective.
  9. 9. Conclusion● In order to become the worlds largest Internet service companies, Rakuten increasing internationalization.● Rakutens official corporate language is British by the end of the year 2012.● English above strategy Rakutens, please keep with the various hazards. -Between the Japanese and non-Japanese, there is a language barrier. If there is not a competent Japanese - provides height - good service.
  10. 10. References● English for Rakutens decision does not mean being greeted JAPANTODAY, but anyone, http://www.japantoday.com/category/kuchikomi/view/ra kutens- decision-on-english-not-welcomed-by-everyone● English DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE, as official language: Is it necessary? http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/columns/commentary/T1009 17003018.htm● career Rakuten Rakuten business model, http://global.rakuten.com/careers/business/● Also, The Japan Times Rakutens all UK orders other than those dangerous, that bold move, http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20100716f1.html