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  1. 1. Rakuten entire business in English S1180084 Naoya Ishikawa
  2. 2. OverviewJuly 1, began full-scale optimism has beenpreparing since 2010 "into English the officiallanguage of the house." President HiroshiMikitani is met in Tokyo prior to this, I told thepast achievements and future prospects of theproject. Full length interview will be conductedin English, after the presentation was a seriesof questions as well, such as from foreign jour-nalists.
  3. 3. What doing?Rakuten employees will be required to useEnglish in all internal presentations, documentsand memos.Internal company emails will use English.TOEIC TEST
  4. 4. Mr. Mikitani profile(1)President of Rakuten Hirosi MikitaniProfile:Born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. Hyo-gokenritsuakashikotogakko graduated in 1983,graduated from Hitotsubashi University in1988, He joined the Industrial Bank of Japan(currently Mizuho Corporate Bank). And re-turn home, and has an MBA from HarvardBusiness School completed in 1993.
  5. 5. Mr. Mikitani profile(2)Appointed Chairman left the bank, and thenfounded optimism. TripAdvisor Popularity In-dex # 8 was reported in a Japanese millionaireForbes ranking, and $ 3.8 billion in 2008 andare held (about 400 billion yen) in 2009, # 7 $3.6 billion (about 338.4 billion yen) # 182 inthe world rankings (U.S. $ 464.8 billion) about$ 5.6 billion, ranking, in 2010 ranking, in 2011in the ranking millionaire Japan ranked fifth tosixth place $ 4.7 billion (U.S. $ 427.7 billionapproximately) to Ingestion.
  6. 6. Workers GoalAchieving certain scores in the TOEIC, or theTest of English for International Communica-tion, will be required for promotion, Rakutenspokesman Megumu Tanefusa said. The rangeof required TOEIC scores is from 600 to 750depending on job title.
  7. 7. ProblemSome people are prescribed the number of"retirement" "leave" "demoted" to a lack of Ijust can not concentrate at all to study in focus...Score of 600 points in the general staff TOEIC,assistant manager class is 650 points, the levelof English language proficiency is required forcompany employees, has become a directorclass 750. If you do not meet the provisions ofthe score for each job grade, "disposal" of de-motion or salary reduction of 10% Ive beenwaiting for.
  8. 8. OutcomeMikitani president "more than 80% of internalmeetings are now conducted in English al-ready," and just two years from the announce-ment of the project. In addition to improved to694 points from 526 points, average TOEICscore of executive employees is said to haveearned more than 800 points all.
  9. 9. CommentRakuten has also acquired foreign companies,including Inc. in the United States,and it has a major stake in a joint venture withBaidu Inc. in China. But the degree to whichEnglish is necessary at Rakuten is far lowerthan companies like Nissan and Nomura, andthus critics say it is questionable whether Ra-kuten employees commitment will last.
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