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  1. 1. How amazon business works S1180084 Naoya Ishikawa
  2. 2. Introduction stIn the 21 century, amid media products books, music, video, games isdigitized first thoose by Apple. There is delivered over the internethas become mainstream. News and video folowed by the mid-2000s of books online has become a matter of time.
  3. 3. Amazon historyObtain legal personality in the State of Washington as by Jeff Bezos in July 1994, the early days of WWW,Internet bookstore is opened. Cadabra Although this was taken from Abracadabra, because it was listen again and "cadaver when talking on the phone to a lawyer planning venture?" ("Meaning corpse)," South America with a basin area ofthe largest in the world later was renamed in honor of the Amazon River.
  4. 4. Business modelWe are listed that cheap, provide early, first thing in the supremacy of customers, necessary to the customer. Bookstore largest while you are not handlingthe books of 200,000 up to in the United States, if the Internet bookstore, tothe idea of ​eff Bezos, to handle the t Jypes of products many times is the possible There was hope. Said period of 4-5years of its establishment, it does notincrease sufficiently that profits hadbeen predicted as a strategy is characterized by the parties themselves.
  5. 5. Recommendation functionThe most important feature of Amazon isin the strong recommendation feature. View is that Amazon is at the forefrontof the practical level of the recommendation is the currently dominant. Thereis no intent to improved technology. Infact I will say, that in the near future to reflect the operating activities of the customer, including up and thought religion will become possible. Technically, in the already developed, has applied for a patent in the United States.
  6. 6. ASINStands for Amazon Standard Item is that the number of products consisting of 10 ASIN digit alpha-numeric code that is also used in some articles of Wikipedia
  7. 7. How to manage in Logistics CenterThe Amazon placed apart without category divided by genre, such as how to manage by Publisher of the book [13]. Whenyou enter a book shelf, register the host computer reads the bar code and thebar code shelf attached to the book. And sends the information to the mobile terminal from the host computer, when Iwent to take a book to figure out whereit is. It eliminates the extra effort by management method such that the splitin the genre.
  8. 8. Privacy issueI have been thinking of Amazon personalinformation management, and sweet. In addition, Amazon is "Wish list is a systemthat exposes what you want the user, butit may barter if you wish matches are made, on the Amazon Amazon for the deal isnot not involved" as are.