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Tsunami warning system


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Tsunami warning system

  1. 1. Tsunami warnig system s1180052 Tomoko Kaneko
  2. 2. Introduction* Tsunami happens what happens when?* About tsunami warning system* Advantage of tusnami warning system* Shortcomings of the tsunami warning system* How to debelop future ?
  3. 3. Tsunami happens what happenswhen?● Where the continuous tidal wave caused by the movement oflarge water caused by meteorological factors such asearthquakes, landslides, undersea volcanic eruptions,meteorites fall non factors.● Cases include geological factors such as the landslidehappen underwater plate earthquake and coastal areas as thecause of the tsunami in the sea and submarine volcanicactivity, submarine landslide was caused by falling meteoritesinto oceanic later in the past have been confirmed.
  4. 4. About tsunami warning system● In a sort of advisories about tsunami if you expect large tsunamiearthquake due to be announced.● Meteorological Agency from the occurrence of an earthquakegenerally within three minutes, and announced goal, time and heightwith coastal areas reaching the tsunami is expected to beannounced.
  5. 5. Advantage of tsunami warning system● Ahead of time to evacuate from the indoor● We can move the furniture● It can be noted not to approach the coast.● The dead by the tsunami can be reduced.
  6. 6. Shortcomings of the tsunami warning system● The height of actual attainment time and the tsunami mightbe different.● With this, none of tsunamis that are lower than it alone runaway when an untrustworthy, really large tsunami comes evenif the Meteorological Agency issues a tsunami warning.
  7. 7. How to debelop future ?● Tsunami information in the future announces warning theassumption maximum scale.● Trying from observed data, such as more accurate scalebecomes a devalue alarm content at an appropriate level.
  8. 8. SummaryAs for the tsunami warning system, an accurateforecast might not be done though the tsunamican be perceived beforehand.