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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Mechanism of tsunami warning system of the Indian Ocean 〜Article#3〜 s1180048 Marina Ohtsuka
  2. 2. Contents● Indian Ocean Tsunami● Process of the tsunami warning system● Mechanism of this system● What is source of information?● Now and the future● Conclusion
  3. 3. Indian Ocean Tsunami● The Indian Ocean tsunami occurs in 2004● A lot of people died of this tsunami● Indias government started making the tsunami warning system
  4. 4. Process of the tsunami warning system● The tsunami warning system had not existed in the Indian Ocean before 2004● It will be possible to prepare it in five years● It were built a seismological center, the domestic warning center and so on
  5. 5. Mechanism of this systemWhen the earthquake happens in the IndianOcean, ● data is sent to Pacific Tsunami Warning Center ● The work of two centers in Hawaii and Japan predict the arrival time of the tsunami wave ● Additionally, decide whether the earthquake is generated of the tsunami
  6. 6. What is source of information?Information can be delivered to the population invarious methods. ● radio ● television ● E-mail ● electric waveIt is necessary to transmit information early.
  7. 7. Now and the future● The technology of the system has not reached all regions● But NGO and the community group try to hear the tsunami warning by people and to tell what they should prepare● It is good for us
  8. 8. ConclusionPeople of Indian have big damage by thetsunami. Thus, Indias government decidedthat try to do the tsunami measures. I think itis very important for Indian to do the tsunamimeasures.