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Earthquake in new_zealand_s

  1. 1. Earthquake in New Zealands Kermadec Islands s118047 Kazuki Endo
  2. 2. Overview● Introductory● Damage of The Country● Tsunami Warning Center● Effects of Tsunamis (1)● Effects of Tsunamis (2)● Conclusion
  3. 3. Introductory ● 7.6-magnitude earthquake hammered the Kermadec Islands region of New Zealand on July 7, 2011. ● Earthquake center was about 160 kilometers east of Raoul Island of the Kermadec Islands. ● In addition its depth was about 20 kilometers.
  4. 4. Damage of The Country● The power of the earthquake was not strong for the country.● Fortunately, the damage was hammed by the earthquake was nothing.
  5. 5. Tsunami Warning Center● Tsunami warning center in New Zealand didnt warn for the people because the center considered that warning wasnt necessity.● However, the people who live in coastal beach may be hammered by the tsunami.● Therefore, the center freshened to warning to the people.
  6. 6. Effects of Tsunamis (1) ● Civil Defense said the people lived near in the sea that the first wave of tsunamis happened by the earthquake would reach New Zealand at 8.52 a.m. ● In addition, the Civil Defense said the people that the people should not go the place near the beach and sea. ● The wave of the tsunami was between 60 cm and 1 meter.
  7. 7. Effects of Tsunamis (2) ● The Civil Defense understood that the high of the tsunami was not high. ● However, the Civil Defense felt nervous about strong currents. ● The Civil Defense predicted that the first wave of the tsunami would reach North Cape at 8.54, and Gisborne at 8.59 a.m.
  8. 8. ConclusionThe damage that was affected by this earthquake was smaller than adamage by serious earthquake. Therefore, no one hammered.