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# 3


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# 3

  1. 1. About tsunami warning system
  2. 2. About tsunami warning system● In the Indian ocean ○ Before 2004 - there were no sea level monitoring system ■ Did not have agencies responsible for tsunamis ■ Points of contact receive messages ○ After 2004 - it was changed
  3. 3. About after 2004● A large network of seismographic ○ Its area isacross ○ Detect potencial on warning to communities● It and others are prepared better than 2004
  4. 4. The system works● PTWC - Pacific Tsunami Warning Center ○ Invested by NOAA ○ It announces tsunamis warning● JMA - Japan Meteorological Agency ○ It is in Tokyo ○ It is a institution of government in Japan
  5. 5. About PTWC● First - it use a database of the earthquake● Second - it use a database of oceanography● Third - It checks a tidegauge in the earthquake areas● It is no mistake!
  6. 6. About PTWC (2)● Why is it no mistake? ○ Taunamis moved ocean take a long time ○ It has a thinking time because of this
  7. 7. The DART system● DART - Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis ○ It is a system of PTWC ○ It tells full information about tsunamis ○ It operates continuously for two years ○ Its buoy is exchanged every year● Tsunamis forecast and warning was very improved for this system
  8. 8. Conclusion● Tsunami warning system : ○ PTWC ○ JMA● PTWC is epoch organization● PTWC uses the DART system