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  1. 1. Pacific Ring of Fires1180035 Shota Furuya
  2. 2. Contents● What is Pacific Ring of Fire● Included Areas● Geological Background● Characteristics● Why many volcanoes are created● Conclusion
  3. 3. What is Pacific Ring of FireThe Pacific Ring of Fire is a volcanic beltsurrounding the Pacific Ocean.
  4. 4. Included AreasThe Ring of Fire includes ○ Japanese archipelago ○ Indonesia ○ Philippine ○ Aleutian Islands ○ The Rocky Mountains ○ The Andes ○ etc.
  5. 5. Geological BackgroundThe Pacific Ring of Fire is on borders between Pacificplate or Nazca plate and other plates.On the boarder, called a fault, there is strong volcanicactivity.
  6. 6. Characteristics 1・ About 90% of all earthquakes and 80% of all famouslarge earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire.・ The Ring of Fire has 452 volcanoes(over 75% of all volcanoes in the world.)・ The length is about 40,000km.
  7. 7. Why many volcanoes are created・ In a fault, a tectonic plate (Pacific plate or Nazca Plate inthe Ring of Fire) is sinking to under another plate.・ When the plate sank completely, it melt by mantles heatand become magma.・ The new magma is very hot, so it tries to go up to theearths surface.・ Then the place where it is emitted becomes a volcano.
  8. 8. Conclusion・ The Pacific Ring of Fire is the most biggest volcanicbelt in the world.・ There are many volcanoes.・ Moreover, many earthquakes occur.