How Craigslist Works


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How Craigslist Works

  1. 1. How Craigslist Workss1180035 Shota FuruyaBusiness Writing: Week 5
  2. 2. Detail of Craigslist● Craigslist is a community site that is one of the most visited English site.● The main purposes of Craigslist are: ○ exchange local classifieds ○ find ads of many categories you are interested in ○ communicate in forum● It is free to use Craigslist Website.● Usually the administrator of Craigslist doesnt involve in transactions or discussions.
  3. 3. Technology of Craigslist● Users of Craigslist can get information that they are interested in ○ Craigslist categorizes particularly and it lets uses find more exact information. ○ This is one of the most effective advantage among other community sites.● Useres can vote to a post which is you think funny or effective. ○ This system allows users to find worthy posts.● Craigslist can reject spams or other harmful posts.
  4. 4. Craigslist Network● Craigslist have a huge network.● It have local classifieds or valuable information of 450 cities. ○ However, staffs of Craigslist is being suffered from hard works in Craigslist.● The network is not only in U.S.A (where Craigslist is made in) , but also other oversea companies . ○ For instance, these includes Tokyo
  5. 5. Financial of Craigslist● At the beginning, Craigslist is established as a for-profit company.● After that, Craigslist alters their policy and they expand community for many cities.● This conversion of their policy is done sucessfully and Craigslist became one of the most popular site in the web.
  6. 6. Ads of Craigslist● Craigslist uses no advertisements. ○ Even though Craigslist is a web service, there is no advertisements in any web sites. ○ There is no banner ads, pop-up ads, and any other types of ads.● Their policy is they use only their big community for advertisement. ○ They argue that a member of Craigslist can take advantage of other people.
  7. 7. Controversy of Craigslist● Weeding scams is a big controversy of Craigslist. ○ Because Craigslist has very large community, there is many scams and other illegal activities.● To weeding scams, Craigslist makes their terms of use more clear. ○ If a content which a user posts is not harmful and violating the term, user dont have to do anything with the term unless except clicking the accept button of the term.
  8. 8. Conclusion● Craigslist is the one of the most largest site of the world and it has huge community.● Users of Craigslist can get information and classified of their town. ○ Many towns are in the community of Craigslist. ○ The towns is not only in USA, but also overseas.● The have no advertisement in the web. They only use community for advertisement.