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  1. 1. How McDonaldsrun theirbusiness inChina? s1180033
  2. 2. AbstractThe improvement of living standards of theChinese people are seen by the rapideconomic development in modern times.During such, foreign companies that willbring a new market in China has beenincreasing yearly.This time I will focus on the McDonalds init.
  3. 3. McDonalds in China● In 1990, Opened first restaurant in Shezhen.● In 2005, Opened first drive-thru store, and to outlet.● In 2006, Signed a contract with Sinopec of Chinese state-owned oil company.● In 2006, Opened to run-down neighborhood outside Beijing.● In 2008, Opened 960 stores, recorded the number of employees in more than 60000 people.
  4. 4. Management Philosophy in China Core menu extension    Value ConvenienceMcDonalds was listed on the policy, suchas not to lose out in the competition tolower prices, enhance the repertoire ofhamburger,convenience in China, which has a vast landarea for Yum! Brands Inc.9 is biggest rival.
  5. 5. Biggest RivalMcDonalds VS Yum! BrandsCulture outside do not get quite accepted inany country. Strong tendency in China have been prefer chicken than beef. However, better than in other assessments, such as liquidity, won the deployment.
  6. 6. Quality and Sanitation ManagementChina is a developing country is still farbelow the world standard in terms of qualityand hygiene.To expand the business in an environmentthat is very risky. But this is also anopportunity. McDonalds head office istrying to seize the opportunity by doing athorough quality and sanitationmanagement to the employees of the storeand factory.
  7. 7. Mac Nugget IncidentIn July 2010, the U.S. McDonalds weredetected PDMS and TBHQ adversely affectthe human body from the "Mac nugget" thatwas in the shop buy McDonalds China.For quality and sanitation issues can not beprevented from perfect, how to respond is aproblem in the future.
  8. 8. Problem-Solving● Soil testing of contract farmers● Quality control during transport● Factory sanitation control● Reaffirmation of the shop manual for each● Regular monitoring by Head Office
  9. 9. Conclusion● There is a need to adapt to the food culture of the country.● To clarify the superiority of their own, to sell the point.● Always in accordance with the world standards.
  10. 10. Reference● http://www.msnbc.msn. com/id/26226387/ns/business- cnbc_tv/t/mcdonalds-has-big- appetite-china/#.ULjCSeTZbO0● http://www.icmrindia. org/casestudies/catalogue/Busine ss%20Strategy/BSTR305.htm