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Bw week6 b


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Bw week6 b

  1. 1. How has technologychanged the wayconduct business? s1180033
  2. 2. IntroduceIn recent years, around us is changingrapidly due to advances in technology.Therefore, we began to feel the worldsmaller. And to think this change againin the form of a our business. Later on,I will focus on some of the major cases.
  3. 3. Business is always mostadvancedIn business there is a need for highspeed and efficiency at all times. So, atthe time the computer appears,prompting the introduction of thecomputer has been in many places. Forexample, a companys integratedmanagement system and generalairline reservation system.
  4. 4. Low-cost technologyThe technology behind the business isnot a new technology at any time. Thetechnology is cheaper than the fixing ofexisting technology to improve theefficient ones. For example, cases maybe radio frequency identificationtechnology (RFID) is good.
  5. 5. Business on InternetIt is now an indispensable techniquebusiness using the Internet. In general,it is the most efficient way to provideservices to a lot of people. However,the idea of ​providing a service people,from the people who provide thetechnology is there to connect thepipeline, it is to provide safety andstability is not so easy.
  6. 6. Effects of Technology onBusinessOften used for connecting the peopleand people of many technologies thatare used in the business. Therefore,technologies such as changing thepolicy of the business has a"connection" potentially.