How amazon business works


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How amazon business works

  1. 1. How Amazon Business Workss1180023 Kentaro Sekine
  2. 2. Outline• What is Amazon?• Amazon works• Amazon in detail• Summary• Reference
  3. 3. What is Amazon?• Amazon is one of the electroniccommerces being used by the most a lotof people all over the world.• Amazon sells quite a lot of kinds ofcommodities.
  4. 4. Amazon works• Amazon sells clothes, the jewel, the food,and sporting goods, etc.• Those commodities might not be productsof Amazon.• Amazon plays the role of the mediationperson in other companies.
  5. 5. Amazon in detail• When you write the one wanting it in theretrieval column of Amazon, the list of a lotof retrieval results is displayed.• What it looks for once remains in thehistory, and displays the commodity thatlooks alike as "recommendation".
  6. 6. Amazon in detail• There are a lot of methods of paymentAmazon.• The customer is a convenience storetransfer, a bank transfer, a postal transfer,cash on delivery, and it is possible to payby credit card.• In addition, it is sold the gift certificate, andyou can also use to pay.
  7. 7. Summary• Amazon is an electronic commerce beingused by people all over the world.• It is very easy to look for the commoditythough a lot of kinds of commodities aresold.• The customer can choose the method thatis appropriate for yourself from abundantpayment methods.
  8. 8. Reference••