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  1. 1. The idea behind amazon business● Jeff Bezos who was CEO of established it in 1995.● Since then, has done a remarkable expansion goods in stock, international site, all over the world of the commodity at located distribution center and customer service center.● Moreover, manages the Web site in Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Italy, and China.
  2. 2. E-commerce strategy● It is possible to have dealings by the computer- aided in Amazon.● The orders for the commodity and the payment methods are processed with the computer.● In addition, the account can be made, and individual information be input in that. As a result, the next order is easier.
  3. 3. Amazon technology● Amazon can do various shopping while you are in the house.● It is possible to look for the commodity only by inputting the one wanting it.● Moreover, it is not necessary to search it again because it is also possible to display what searched last time in top page.
  4. 4. Amazon actions● Various functions are provided in the search screen of Amazon.● It is possible to divide by the category to limit the retrieval. As a result, it will become easy to search the commodity wanting it.● Moreover, my store is provided the function to introduce the commodity that is appropriate for me. There are other points and gift certificates.
  5. 5. Amazon advantage● The advantage of Amazon is cheaper than the shop.● Because the labor cost is unnecessary on the net, most commodities are sold cheaplyer than the fixed price.● Besides, one that is called Amazon point.● This is a point given when a specific commodity is bought. This point can buy cheaplyer a specific commodity by using it.
  6. 6. Customer tracking● The customer inputs the one wanting it to the search screen.● It is chosen the one wanting from among the displayed commodity as a result of the search, and it go to the closing of accounts screen.● My address and closing of accounts method are decided, and the order is fixed. Mail will reach if the order is fixed.● And, the commodity is delivered to the house on several days.
  7. 7. Amazon community● Amazon is offering the community function to support the customer. It is customized and made the lists wanting it according to the customer.● As a result, more commodities can be offered to the customer conveniently, and cheaplyer.● The community is expected to develop further just like the technologys developing, too.
  8. 8. Conclusion● Amazon is one of the very convenient mail orders.● The number of handled commodities is abundant, and everyone can easily use it. In addition, it becomes easy to use because it is customized according to the customer.● A lot of people are using all over the world, and Im one person in that.