Peer Review Exercise #4


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Peer Review Exercise #4

  1. 1. Peer Review Exercise # 4 1. Talking on cell phone while driving causes to go wrong on per with drunk driving. Instituting a cell phone ban can be a smart safety move for family and business. Everyone is getting on board with a policy requires educating people and installing cell phone software that restricts use of the devices in cars. 2. I'm agree with "Banning Cell Phone Use When Driving." Because, using cell phone when driving is the most causes the death of traffic accident and you must give penalty from police. It may notice the walking people too late. So, Cell phone use when driving is very dangerous. 3. It is possible to lead an accident that drivers use a cellular phone while driving because they can not pay attention to road or pedestrians sufficiently. Therefore, the use of cellular phone at the wheel is banned in some states. Additionally, how to design the policy on the use of cellular phone while driving at home or office is written in the document. 4. The fact such as which state ban the use of cellular phone is contained at the instruction that describes on the policy about the use of cellular phone while driving. It makes a sentence be long and is not necessary to write a readable instruction because everyone can find such facts easily. 7. I suggest that using picture or graph what show danger of using phone of improving the articles. There is no picture in these articles. I think it is difficult for understanding these articles. And, this article has a example what happen in U.S.A. I suggest this article more better, if use examples happen in other country. For example,Japan, Chine, and so on. 8. 1. This article has no pictures or figures. If there is some picture or figure in this article, It is more easily to understand this article. 2. This article is divided into two pages. I think that this article should together on one page. 3. This article has a example what happen in U.S.A only. I think that this article should explain some example happen in other country.