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Peer Review Exercise #2


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Peer Review Exercise #2

  1. 1. Peer Review Exercise # 2 1. The primary idea is duplicating DVD movies. You can duplicate a DVD file for backup easily. When you do this process, you need a software that you can choose. The explanation of some software to rip DVD movies and burn the movie file to a blank disc is written in this article. 2. The headings show some software names to duplicate DVD movies and are easy to understand. However, each section only has the minimum description. If readers are in trouble, the readers can not proceed any more. Moreover, the article will be uninformative one when the interface of the software is changed with updating the software because the version is not written in this document. 3. The ways of duplicating DVD movies are introduced in this article. First, the article says that you can use DVD decrypter to duplicate DVD files. you can also use DVD Shrink and some burning software in another way of duplication. Last, the way of using Easy DVD Clone is described in the third session. Each means use different software but is not different in way of using the same function. 4. Three kinds of the ways of duplicating DVD movies are explained in the document but readers do not know which means they should choose because these ways are simply arranged. Since the strength and weakness of each ways is not described, readers will be in trouble before they perform the steps in the article. 5. Despite the fact that software usually has many functions, the function that average users use frequently is a small part of all functions. The users are not interested in other functions that the software duplicating DVD has because it is only important for them to duplicate DVD movies. The article only focus on duplicating DVD movies. To prevent the users spending waste time is the good point of the article. 6. It is a problem that the writer who has written this article did not identify a burning software to burn DVD files to a blank disc in the explanation about DVD Shrink because I think that the readers who need the explanation like the document do not have the knowledge about a burning software. Therefore, I expect that the second section would not be chosen. In addition, there is one spelling error in this article. 7. I think that there is the problem that a specific burning software is not described in the second section. If I introduce some specific burning software and add some steps to the second section, I could prevent readers from confusing introduce some specific burning software and add some steps to the second section. 8. Although the content of the article is simple and readable, if some problems that make readers be in trouble happen, the readers can not know how they should deal with the problems. The first difference is to add FAQ to References. The second difference is to write some steps which is difficult to understand with some note. The third difference is to eliminate a vague expression from the document by identifying a specific software.