Complete Document Design Exercise # 5
I appeal our vegetab...
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Complete Document Design Exercise #5


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Complete Document Design Exercise #5

  1. 1. Complete Document Design Exercise # 5 GroupA B. I appeal our vegetables' good taste, quality, and price for customers via advertisement, and the internet. And, we can sell our vegetables through the internet over the world. Furthermore, I cooperate with a fruit and vegetable shop in Aizu. I think it is very important that to survive as a fruit and vegetables shop in Aizu. Our vegetables worth eating reason why our vegetables is organic vegetables. And, our vegetables can be low price. Reason why, our products do not cost of transportation. We can sell good quality vegetables in low price. We think that this is best strategies that the way to success in business. C. We licensed to licensed discount our products. But our products of discount leaves to do shops. Our products of profits want to increase, Our products of discount advertises circular of shops, advertises our web sites on Internets, and using TV and radio of commercial message. If customer contacts and wants to discount for the clerk, we admit to the clerk that the limits of our products of price is three times. If we can do it, customers will be satisfaction to our service and our products. Finally, We said that our goal is " we want to buy many our products for many customers. D. I want to use box of green and blue. Because, Our slogan is " Our vegetables and fruits are very fresh." Green means that our goods are very fresh and very delicious. Blue means that our vegetables grow fresh water, fresh air, and fresh solid.We have a warranty for our products. If our goods of taste is very bad, we will be return it, we will be send fresh goods again for free. If our products have problem, we will be say "I'm sorry" for the customer. Next, we research that our products of problem. If we can know about it, We send letter for customer. If the customer have question about our products, we research and look at our products. After, our products of detail will answer for customer. E. The products that we are going to buy is fresh vegetables and fruit. These products are not so expensive that customers can buy our products in cash. If there is a customer who will order our products in bulk, credit cards are acceptable to us. Moreover, we propose the payment through a bank account to the customer who contract to buy our crops regularly with us. We are planning to sell the vegetables and fruit that are not on display to the customer who has financial difficulties. These products are damaged vegetables and fruit that have irregular shapes. These crops may look ugly but can be eaten safely. We will sell these products at a lower price than our displayed products and we hope that the people who are in financial difficulties can buy our delicious vegetables and fruit.