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Esw3 p4-2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Esw3 p4-2

  1. 1. Submit In-class Presentation #4 Giving a technical presentation Group D s1170217 Narumi Watanabe s1170219 Keiko Igarashi s1170221 Riho Ito s1170224 Haruka Otaka
  2. 2. Introduction One of the most useful way for improving the presentation is that see how others react and obtain advice from them. Think that what is interesting and ask a question about content of the presentation. In the following, explain the technical presentation and slide.
  3. 3. The content The important point is following. Summarize the points for easy to understand and need to convince audiences. Before you speak to audiences, you should judge whether it is necessary information. When you speak to audiences, perfect pace of talking is a minute every a page. You should not speak long time about one topic. When you present the data, you should use the chart or illustration.
  4. 4. Slide The important reminders for creating the slide are following. Use the different titles with each slide. Do not write the many sentences or image in one slide. Before major section, use the outline slide. Use the images which are connected the content. Use the font type which is the big and easy to read.
  5. 5. The presentation When you give a presentation, you don't point at your laptop screen. You can get much attention for directly touch the screen with your hand. You should make eye contact with the audience during the presentation. If you get flustered, you have to relax the tension. The vest way to relax the tension is to stop and regroup or to drink the water. For computer science conferences, the suitable clothes is “business casual”.
  6. 6. Answering questions To answer the questions from the audience is very hard. If you failed it, you should make an effort for improved. When you are questioned from the audience, it is an advantage as for the flowing three point to repeat the question for questioner, before you answer the question.
  7. 7. You can confirm that you have understood the question. You give a few moments to yourself. You can think about question during a few moments. You can tell other audience to the substance of question by repeating the question.
  8. 8. Practice Talks The important points are following. Before you give a presentation, you should give a practice talks. Practice talks should be gave in smaller group. When give a practice talks, you should distribute copy of the slide. You should participate in other practice talks.