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P ex4

  1. 1. Group D: Peer Review Exercises #4 1. What is the primary idea of the content in the articles? Using a cell phone while driving is a voluntary decision to drive distracted. And, cell phone use while driving is coming under closer scrutiny by everyone. In addition, the ban which restricts using a cell phone is instituted can also be a smart safety move for a family or business. 2. Do you think the individual sections and headings in the document (articles) clearly represent the idea that was communicated. Explain the reasons behind your comments. It is possible to understand clearly that the individual sections and headings in the document clearly represent the idea. Because individual sections and headings separate cohesive sentence, it is easy to understand for reader. And, because of heading , it is very simple to understand and easy to read for reader. 3. What details are included in the articles? This article explains how to prohibit using mobile phone when people drive a car. Talking with mobile phone when drive a car is as danger as drink driving. In various country, prohibit using the mobile phone when drive a car by law. To establish this policy require installing cell phone software that restricts the use of the devices in cars. 4. Was there anything that was confusing? If so, what is it? Yes, there was anything that was confusing. In this article, explain how to establish not only this policy but also details of how to download the application in mobile phone. In addition, the article is difficult to understand because step is long. So, each step should be divided more detailed. 5. What is good about the writing? Why is it good? I think that make the title at each contents in good. Because, it is difficult to understand in no time for reader that there are not titles. And if the title will be, that’s all reader need to read only necessary. That’s why it’s so important that the title of each contents. 6. Are there any errors that need to be corrected? Yes, there are. The error that need to be corrected is establishes a link to one’s website. The link is the website which is can install an application on the cell phone that will restrict its use while driving and how to install an application. It will be the application is become widely used.
  2. 2. 7. What specific suggestions for improving the articles can you make? In this article, the dangerousness of using cell phone when we driving. But, it would be better if this article conclude contain the real number of accidents with using cell phone. And, this article contains only many words. So, this article should contain the graph or the table. In addition, it is better if the introduction is shorter and clear to know easy for reader. 8. Identify three basic differences between how your group would author a similar document and how this author authored it (as you see it in the link). There are three basic differences between the thought of our group and this author. One is the title of this article. The title should be more attract to reader. Second is about the introduction. The introduction should show the reader what explain in this article. Third is using the graph. It is difficult to understand only words. So, it is better to use the graph.