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P ex3


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Published in: Education
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P ex3

  1. 1. Group D: Peer Review Exercises #3 One or more of the groups have used the following paragraphs/text for the in-class oral presentation. The sentence constructions in the following paragraphs are wrong. Please correct them to the best of your ability. 1. When it can be told clearly what kind of advantage there is by getting how long our services is more excellent than other service thrown in for more our free, people would choose our service with priority. When people know how much our service is more excellent than other, the kind of advantage would be clear. And, people would choose our service with priority. 2. There is importance of the documents for launching business so that the person who read a document has you know what kind of business our company does. The document for launching business is important to make reader known the kind of our business. 3. It is a paragraph and a sentence that it is important in a logical arrangement paragraph. It is an important sentence in Logical arrangement paragraph. 4. To eating our meal to customer as long as possible, we have to known to customers that they can taste the local cooking which they can taste only in the area at our restaurant. For being our customer as far as possible, we need to make sure that customer are know that we provide the local specialties in restaurant. 5. To relax to customer, it is important to endeavor not only the menu but also the store decors. It is important to pay mind to the interior design of the store for the relaxation of customer. 6. We give many kind as possible as we can for the visitor and we hope them satisfaction. We want to exert ourselves as possible as we can to offers various services for the visitor.