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C ex3

  1. 1. Group D: Complete Document Design Exercises #3 (A) Why is it important to launch this business? Identify three ways in which this business might help the local community? We are hoping to launch the restaurant of local specialties. It is important to launch the business because this business can activate the local community. There are three ways to activate it. The first way is that help to increase the tourists by eating our meal for many people of Aizu but also people of outside prefecture. The second way is that help to activate the agriculture of local by using fresh food which is homegrown in my restaurant. The third way is that give back our profits of business by holding the event that is related the local community. (B)Ideas for launching this business. Identify 5 innovative things you might want to do for developing this business. 5 innovative things to develop the business goes as follows. The first thing is that teach employees about ordinary way to wait on customers but also way to wait on customers of tourists, for example can explain the dish and tourist spot. The second thing is that decide the business concept. We can prepare to launch our business schedule by deciding it. The third thing is that make the main menu. The forth thing is that hold the events with other restaurant and advertise our products. The fifth thing is that set up the questionnaires and reflect customer's opinion. (C) How should your business reach out to the potential customers? What might be some of the ways you will advertise your company. The first way is that we are affiliated with organization of local information service and our information of our restaurant is sent out to not only Aizu but also outside prefecture. The second way is that make our restaurant's home page , and the customer will be able to confirm information of menu and value and so on on internet. The third ways is that display the sample of food and value of its in place where can see outside. Then it become to easy to enter the restaurant for customers. The forth ways is that customer are aware of our restaurant by making the brochure. The fifth way is that we make the point-card. For example, one point is every 500 yen, and customer who have 20 points are reduced the price by 500 yen. (D) How should you advertise your products? Develop a proper advertising strategy to market your product to the local community. Write a slogan for your advertisement. Our company advertise in various ways to know our restaurant for a lot of people. First, we produce fliers. These fliers run the location of our restaurant, main menu and dish which we recommend. In addition, the flier contains in to attract reader attention. Second, we make the advertising display and place it in a place which is easily to come into notice. The advertising display show the kind of store, our restaurant name, and distance to our restaurant. Third, we make the web-site which include our restaurant details. For example, the location, name of restaurant, price, menu, picture of interior. Furthermore, also we advertise as commercial and use business support of local community. The slogan is “Let's eat the local specialties.”
  2. 2. (E)How could the University of Aizu assist your business? Explain elaborately. Our business assisted by the University of Aizu. The University of Aizu advertise our restaurant on the site of the University of Aizu. By this way, a lot of people are able to know our restaurant. And, we get advice from the University of Aizu to make the site of our restaurant. Moreover, we get information the way of management of the finance from they.They become the sponsor to support our company. And, they give our company aid money. The effect of being assisted by the University of Aizu is that we can communicate with company which we have never had relationship before. (F)What are the resources you need to start the business? Do you need to employ people, do you need furniture, computers for your store, etc?. Identify everything that you need. There are some resources we need to start our business. The most important thing is making the business plan. Business plan include the product, the market, the marketing plan, and so on. It is important to plan the business plan to make company's customers, strengths and competition clearly. Other things that we need to start our business are worker, the finance, the ingredient, the location, manager. The ingredient is local food which is seasonal. And we get the ingredient from local farmers that we have contracted. Next, manager's job is mainly management the finance, the ingredient, and worker. Preparing these resources is very important. (G) Give an example of a company who sells similar products in the market. How do they sell their product. Do an internet search for what they sell, the prices, discounts etc they offer etc and report it here. There are three place that customer eat. One is counter for customer who come alone. Two is table for family and friends. Three is outside table for enjoying the view. And, there is delivery service for customer who can't come to our restaurant. Moreover, selling the product by using Internet. They sell local specialties like a Sakuranabe. (Sakuranabe is a one-pot dish cooked at the table which use a horse meat. ) The price of it is 2,800 yen. And else, they sell local sake in Aizu. They are distributed coupons for 500yen off on the internet and inserted fliers.