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  1. 1. Group D Person #1 (A) Why is a feasibility report so important in technical communication? The following is the reason that the feasibility is important. In feasibility report, analyses and estimate data of technology feasibility, economic feasibility, legal feasibility, operation feasibility and schedule feasibility of proposed system are written. These things are necessary to determine which the system is effective and work systematically. In addition, it is useful to introduce detail of the proposed system because the feasibility report outputs the feasibility study report, a report detailing the evaluation criteria, the study findings, and the recommendations. (B) Write 5 major points in the articles that are important. First, technological feasibility is useful to figure out if the technical skill is necessary for completing the project because this can be quantified in terms of volumes of data, trends, frequency of updating. Second, general procedure of cost/benefit analysis is to determine the cost and benefit which are expected by candidate system and then the decision is made to design and implement the system if benefits outweigh costs. Third, legal feasibility confirm whether the proposed system do not violate the local Data Protection Act. Forth, operational feasibility is measure of how well a proposed system solves the problems, and analyzes effect of system development. Fifth, schedule feasibility estimate how long the system will take to develop, and measure whether the project time table is propriety. (C) Explain 5 reasons why one should read the above articles when preparing to design an important feasibility study on any topic? The first reason is that feasibility study is if one does not understand necessary items, does not complete the good report. The second reason is that one should understand the meaning of technical word like technological feasibility and economic feasibility etc to write a good feasibility report. Third reason is that formal of writing like above document is more easy to understand when other people read it. Forth reason is that one can check the technical word one does not understand by reading above article. The fifth reason of that can determine directional property of feasibility study of proposed system by reading above article.
  2. 2. (D) Write a paragraph explaining a business situation where a feasibility study is necessary. In paragraph “Technology feasibility”, it is necessary when determine whether the proposed system is effective. In paragraph “Economic feasibility”, it is necessary when evaluating the effectiveness of a new system and expects the cost and benefit. In paragraph “Legal feasibility”, it is necessary where confirms that the proposed system is following the local Data Protection Act. In paragraph “Operational feasibility”, it is necessary where measure of how well a proposed system solves the problems. In paragraph “Schedule feasibility”, it is necessary where determine a good plan and measure whether the project time table is propriety. In paragraph “Market and real estate feasibility”, it is necessary where conduct market studies to determine the best location. In paragraph “Resource feasibility”, it is necessary where this involves questions such as how much time is available to build the new system. In paragraph “Cultural feasibility”, it is necessary where enterprise's own culture can clash with the results of the project.
  3. 3. Person #2 (A) How would you use a feasibility report for your business situation? We use the feasibility report before we carry out our project. By doing feasibility study and make feasibility report, we can know whether that plan would be success or be aborted. And, doing this study gives us evolution or analysis of the potential impact of our company. Using these results from feasibility study and report, we can decide or go over better way to carry out the plan. (B) Talk about a feasibility report that you want to prepare. Explain at least 10 major points you will include in this feasibility report of your choice. What will be the exact purpose of the report? There are ten points when we write the feasibility report. 1. Abstract: To show the reader what our company is, and the content of this report generally. 2. List of this report: To show the format of this report. 3. Explanation of words: To be known the reader easily the jargon. 4. Purpose and the back ground: To be understood the reader more efficient this report. 5. Result of feasibility study: Technology, economic, operational, schedule feasibility. 6. Summary: The things from all result and comparing of the expectation. 7. Conclusion: The way of countermeasure. 8. Gradation: The essential things to change and evolve the project. 9. References: Using this books or article is useful when the reader want to know more information. 10. Annex: When the report have additions. (C) Write five sentences explaining how a company should do research before designing a feasibility report. 1. We should search the technology and system feasibility, to know whether the company has capability of software or expertise to influence the plan. 2. We should search the economic feasibility to be able to know the benefit and saving that we have expected from experimental study and compare them in terms of the cost. 3. We should search the legal feasibility to know whether the plan that we designed have no problem in law. 4. We should search the operational feasibility to know how well the project fixing up the problem. 5. We should search the schedule feasibility to be able to carry on our project efficiency. (D) Write down five key words and its meaning that you read in the above articles. 1. Purpose: The aim of the study or project and so on. 2. Feasibility: The possibility of the project when it carried out. 3. Unbiased: Equity or not one-sided view. 4. Logical: The mentions work out consequential. 5. Affected: The emotion of people be appealing.
  4. 4. Person #3 (A) Develop a short concept map using the Concept Mapping software based on one of the articles you see above.
  5. 5. (B) Develop a short concept map explaining how the following article is organized. (C) Write down the definition of 5 major key words that are used in the concept map you developed in the previous question. Practicality Suitability Compatibility Physical Economic (D) Write down three major questions that might explain the major argument or information in the the article you read above (in question B). What is a technical feasibility study? Why write a technical feasibility study? What should you write a technical feasibility study?