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  1. 1. Giveng atechnical presentaion Group E s1170204 Masayuki Nakata s1170209 Yuuya Furukawa s1170210 Hirofumi Hori s1170212 Junichi Murata
  2. 2. Introduction ● Problem of presentation ● *what was boring about the other presenta tions? ● *What was interesting about them? ● *What did you take away from the presenta tion? ● *what could you have told someone about t he topic 30 minutes after the end of the presentation? ● We should think about these problems to d o a good presentation.
  3. 3. The content ● The content write the content like a newspaper. ● We must study that purpose to make a good content. ● We were demanded making the presentation a just good sheets. ● We must make it to be easy to understand contents of the presentation. Because it is waste of time if it does not have partners to explain understanding.
  4. 4. View of the slide ● We must not use the same title on multiple slides. ● We had better constitute an animation. ● We choose a descriptive title that helps the audience to appreciate. ● We must think about emphasizing what has been added on each slide. ● For example, we use color or highlighting.
  5. 5. Last slide ● We should make a last slide that is a contributions or conclusions slide, reminding the audience of the take-home message of the talk. ● When we end our presentation, we must make a time to ask question. ● After question's time, we should show the audience our conclusion slide up.
  6. 6. The presentation ● Let's announce the presentation so that a partner can see it. We will be better when We use a laser pointer and the gest ure. ● Let's announce the presentation so that a partner can see it. We will be better when We use a laser pointer and the gest ure. ● It is important to fix the appearance at the time of announcement. For example, s uits.
  7. 7. Answering questions ● Answering questions from the audience is very hard!! but, we must answer the question because we examine this presentation thing. ● When an audience member asks a question, it is a go od idea to repeat the question, asking the questioner whether we have understood it, before answering the question. ● We will not have to get into more trouble if we try to blather on or to make up an answer on the fly.
  8. 8. Practice talks ● We must practice talk before you present in front of an audience. ● When we speak out loud our ideas are likely to come out in a different or less clear way, even if we have read over our slides and think you know how the talk will go. ● If we practice very hard, our ideas will be transmitted to audience.