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  1. 1. Technical Presentation Naoki Hirao s1170207 Junichi Fukuda s1170208 Ryo Yamaguchi s1170214 Zhaofeng Liu s1170216
  2. 2. Primary purpose and major advantages 1.Brows web sites. Firefox is one of famous web browser. It can display almost all kind web sites. This means it can opens many kinds of files. And it will have a function connect to internet networks. 2.Open some documents like HTML, swf. This software can open many kinds of files like HTML, swf. HTML is is the abbreviated name for Hyper Text Markup Language. This file is constitute base of web sites. swf is FLASH file.
  3. 3. Primary purpose and major advantages 3. Download some files “Download” is a most important function of internet web browser. No many other tools have function that can down- load from internet.
  4. 4. How the software works
  5. 5. How the software works First picture is a screen shot that when firefox display a web site. Do like this, you should use searching engine to search some web site or directly enter the URL. Second pictere is a screen shot that when firefox download some file.
  6. 6. major features of the software 1. Brows almost all web sites. Firefox can display almost all kinds web sites. Other web browser cannot display so many sites like firefox 2. It can be inserted some plugins. There are many plugin(add-on) for firefox if you search for these. For example, There is a plugin called “Tab Specialist”. This plugin will upgrade the function about Tab Browsing. 3. Can open not only web sites but also some other documents. Firefox can open not only web sites but also some other documents that no relation with internet. For example, firefox can open txt file, picture file, java.
  7. 7. major features of the software 4. Fast working Any other web browser cannot work faster than firefox. May be it is the fastest web browser in the world. 5. Tab Browsing Tab browsing is a function that can open new page with small window in firefox. This will make us no need to open so much windows if we use any other web browser which do not contain Tab function.
  8. 8. How the software works
  9. 9. How the software works Previous page shows screen shots which how to use this web browser . 1. Start program at kterm if you use UNIX system at University of Aizu. 2. Enter the words that you want to search about. 3. choose a web site that you want to brows. 4. If you want to download some file, click on the download link then decide save directory.
  10. 10. Other software programs 1. Internet Explorer It is a standard web browser in the world. If you use Windows OS, this web browser will be pre-installed. Now latest version is 7, in version 7 Microsoft added a new function that is about “Tab Browsing” 2. Opera It is a standard web browser in the world too. This web browser is pre- installed in Linux systems. Because it is open source progam so there are many custom patches or plugins.
  11. 11. Other software programs 4. Chrome This browser is good at speed. It is fastest in the world now. Other function is weaker than other web browsers. 5. Safari This web browser is published by apple. They good at visual and portability. This browser is use to iPhone.