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  1. 1. Speaking Writing 3 ,Tuesday 4 1. s1170208 Junichi Fukuda A. What are the major points in the articles you see above? It is important for a reader to understand the content of a business mail easily. B. Why are these articles important? Write 5 major points in the articles that are important. 1. Be short and concise. 2. Put the key point of your message up front. 3. Write the subject of a business mail. 4. Use white space and legible font. 5. Check for mistakes. C. Explain 5 reasons why one should read the above articles when preparing to write an important business e-mail? 1. We can understand the difference between a business mail and a informal mail. 2. We can write appropriate business mail. 3. We can give a reader a good impression. 4. We can communicate a intention to a reader. 5.We can exchange a business mail with a reader smoothly. 2. s1170207 Naoki Hirao A. When we send a business e-mail, we should be careful to confuse public and private. For example, use of courteous language, sentence is clearly and short with decency for reader easy understand. And, we need to write a subject that reader can distinguish it from other private e-mails. Then, we should check the e-mail text before send an e-mail. B. Hello, XX Co. My name is Naoki Hirao. Currently I am working for A Co. I appreciate your cooperation. I hope that my contacting you is not an imposition in any way. I saw your company's web site.
  2. 2. I am very interested in products of your company. Would you send me a set of records about the products. Best Regards. Hirao. C. I cannot understand homework of experiment in computer science. One of the reason is calculation is too difficult and cannot read the character on the white board. D. Points of business e-mail are ・decency. ・careful with time, place and occasion. ・do proofreading before click on the send button. ・make sentence clearly which reader easy understand. ・write a title that can find business from it. 3. s1170216 Zhaofeng Liu 4.Editor s1170214 Ryo Yamaguchi