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  1. 1. Group G A. Who is the Chairperson of the company? How does he/she manages the business? What are the different assignments that he/she takes care off? How does he/she coordinates with other members in the company? (100 words minimum). The chairperson is Zhaofeng Liu. The chairman's role includes managing the board's business and acting as its facilitator and guide. Determining board composition and organization. Clarifying board and management responsibilities. Planning and managing board and board committee meetings Developing the effectiveness of the board. He takes care of deadline and the number of words. He is the democratic leadership style. The democratic leadership style favors decision-making by the group as shown, such as leader gives instruction after consulting the group. He can win the cooperation of his group and can motivate them effectively and positively. He isn't unilateral as with the autocrat because he arise from consultation with the group members. B. How would you help customers choose your product? Discuss different strategies that you would like to adopt. Discuss the quality of your products and why it is worth buying? (100 words for all parts combined) Accept a problem or a question about the product or the service by telephone or e-mail. Introduce the customer to new product or new service. At first, we want establish a institution in a good place. This can be a better advertisement than any other one. Second, we make a brochure which can easy understand. clear statement and explanation would be compiled with many people. Then we must make a TV CM. This is a one of most common advertisement to people who have a TV. Our business plan includes two points which are conditions of location that customer can visit our company more easily, and customer can visit whenever someone choose. For example, it build our company near station and open 24 hours a day. Furthermore, to compete against them, it increases category of amusement services. C. Discuss a definite discount or promotion for your products that will help to sell your products better? How should the customer take advantage of this offer? (100 words
  2. 2. for all parts combined) In taking about discount, our company recruits membership of an amusement of Aizu to give srevice of dicount for them. A fee is discounted 10% from original fee, when people who membership play in our company. On the other hand, there is uniform fees in our company for all people. For example, bowling: three games, karaoke: free time with drinks, game center: free time and Sporting zone: free time fees are 800yen. If customers do not register about it, it is adjusted uniform fees automatically. Therefore, we will attach discount coupon to advertisement which is from newspaper and insertion in Aizu area. D. How are the products packaged? Is there a warranty for the products? How should the customer contact you if there are problems or questions about the product after it is sold? (100 words for all parts combined) Our business is a service. So we do not sell some products. But we want tenant some other companies likes MacDonald's Burger and Convenience stores. These tenants should maintain public health in our facility. We should protect our honor from bad rumors about health. This problem is a important point for this type business. So we will choose some reliable companies for tenant. If some customers raise a claim on our services, Surely, we must apologize to him or her. This is common sense in the service industry. Of course, we will pay back fee which the customer who raised a claim on our services paid. E. Is there any installment plan for the products you sell? Is cash / cheque / credit cards acceptable? If a customer has financial difficulties, how could you help him/her buy your products? (100 words for all parts combined) Yes, there is any installment plan. This installment plan include 2 installments plan, 5 installments plan, 10 installments paln,and 20 installments plan. According to the circumstances, a customer can select one of these plan. Also, if a customer have a trouble about selection from these plan, I will recommend a plan that I select to solve a customer trouble. Of course, a customer can pay for the products with cash, cheque,
  3. 3. and credit cards. If a customer has financial difficulties, as I said previously, I will recommend a plan that suit a customer. And, a customer can pay for the products with a installment plan, I do not cost a customer in terms of money, then this plan relieve a customer mentally and economically. F. Is there a customer service representative? What is his / her role in the company? Identify 5 different ways that he/she might help the customer? (100 words for all parts combined) Yes, there is a customer service representative. The role is to solve a trouble that a customer have about the products. I identified the following 5 different ways: 1. If a customer don't know how to use the products, I teach a customer how to use the products step by step in detail. 2. If a customer have a question about the products, I give a customer required information about the products. 3. Also, ways that I attend to a customer are telephone or e-mail. Please pay attention to mistake telephone or email address. 4. When I cannot attend to a customer about the products with telephone or e-mail, I visit a customer home personally, and I solve a customer trouble or question. 5. Finally, I attend to a customer politely, and I give a customer information clearly.