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  1. 1. A. Why is it important to launch this business? Identify three ways in which this business might help the local community? 1.It will be famous in Aizu-wakamatsu city or out of this city, if found an amusement facility near Aizu-wakamatsu station. To make a city that is full with people can lead a bustling community. 2.There are many high schools and college(for example, like university of Aizu and junior college). If we make a place where stretch out young people who full of energy, Aizu-wakamatsu city will be more active. 3.That place will be a amusement facility where all people can enjoy and this place will expand the wave of exchange with various people in this area. B. Ideas for launching this business. Identify 5 innovative things you might want to do for developing this business. 1.Provide main services at a flat rate. This is convenient for customers and staff. This service is uncommon for other companies. 2.Open it 24 hours a day, every day of the year for all people can enjoy anytime.
  2. 2. 3.We should incorporate some service like bowling, karaoke, game center, indoor pool, eating facility and bar in this facility for various people can visit. 4.In common, large scale amusement facility will found in suburbs, but we went ahead and found in front of Aizu-wakamatsu station. This is for the students who do not have car or motorbike. 5.Make a plan that set fee of various services based on time and set up free time for each plans to entertain customers. C. How should your business reach out to the potential customers? What might be some of the ways you will advertise your company. We should expand our business in some small countries. This industry has been fill in some big cities. So I think we cannot success in these cities. But in small towns, there are no many amusement facilities. This will be a chance to us. The place does not matter, and the demand of people is the same anywhere in this industry. So our advertisement will to be say "found a company". This will be a very good advertisement in countries. I went ahead and explain another opinion. It is about place in town. If we found a facility in center of a small town, this business must be a good company. D. How should you advertise your products? Develop a proper advertising strategy to market your product to the local community. Write a slogan for your advertisement. Our slogan is "To be a center of town". To be a center of town, we must make some explicit advertisements. As I state above, it will be a nice advertisement if we place a shop in the center of a small town. This will attract many customers attention. And this is a typical strategy in business. Another common
  3. 3. advertisement is to make a brochure. This should raise name value of our company. Make a web site is a better advertisement too. In this network society. There are no difference between a big city and a small town. Everybody linked to internet. It is a chance for us to insert a advertisement in this infrastructure. E. How could the University of Aizu assist your business? Explain elaborately. Our business have a customer enjoyable, relaxed and reduced stress. For that purpose, we make a amusement park, and offer a customer various services. Our business is the business for young people that is to say high school student and university student. In particular, our business have the University of Aizu student relaxed and reduced stress. That connects to studying more hard. A stress is an obstacle to studying. If the University of Aizu student study hard, the quality of the Univesity of Aizu student improves. Then, the quality of the Univesity of Aizu inevitably improves more than the present quality. F. What are the resources you need to start the business? Do you need to employ people, do you need furniture, computers for your store, etc?. Identify everything that you need. There are a lot of things that are necessary for our business. First of all, we need a place to build a amusement park. For building a amusement park, we need a lot of money. Next, we need many talents for developing our business. Moreover we need to gather excellent talents. The success rate of a business is dependent on talent's ability. Also, we need various facilities for offering a customer various services. In bowling service, we need large bowling alley, many balls, and etc. In karaoke service, we need a machine to select a song, a mike to sing a song, and etc. In game center, we need coin
  4. 4. game machines, UFO catcher game machines, and etc. In pool service, we need to prepare large pool. Finally, we need many computers to manage these information. G. Give an example of a company who sells similar products in the market. How do they sell their product. Do an internet search for what they sell, the prices, discounts etc they offer etc and report it here. ex.)RoundOne RoundOne open at 10:00 a.m. on a weekday. It is opening on Sunday, Saturday and holiday from 10:00a.m. to 10:00a.m. But it is different by stores. There are bowling alley, karaoke, “Amusement”,”Spo-cha”, “Leisure stadium” and music studio in RoundOne. “Amusement” is able to do coin game. You can play 90 minutes as much as you want only for 1,300 yen in this “Spo-cha”. But students or member are cheaper. it is able to do batting, pitching billiard, table tennis, etc. There are sensory game, relax space in “Leisure stadium”. Music studio is communication space of all people who like music Bowling charge 1 game charge Date Public University student Other people
  5. 5. Weekday 500 yen 450yen 400yen Sat.Sun. 550yen 500yen 450yen Holiday Karaoke charge(30 minutes charge) Students Man~Thu Open~20:00 100 yen 20:00~6:00 230 yen Public Man~Thu Open~20:00 150 yen 20:00~6:00 270 yen Spo-cha(90 minutes charge) Public students other Every day 1300 yen 1000~1100 yen 900 yen