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  1. 1. An Amusement of Aizu History and Purpose Found by four of university of aizu students, Yamaguchi, Fukuda, Hirao, Liu in 2010 spring for activate the local economy and provide relaxations and entertainments to the people. company name is Toaru Amusement that is called "A.T" for short. Our company's goal is to be a long-live company. And we want to make a history of our precious company. Services Bowling: Over 30 lanes. Various events. one game with shoes fee are 800yen. Membership will be discounted 10%. One Game - 300yen Three Game - 800yen Karaoke: One hour 300yen. Free time with all-can-drink bar for 800yen. One hour – 300yen Free* Time with drink - 800yen All-can-drink bar - 100yen Game center: Various games, slots and table games for 800yen in free time. Various events are hold in this area. One hour - 300yen Free time - 800yen Eating arcade zone: Fast foods, family restaurant, cafeterias and convenience stores.(tenants) Customers can use coupon to receive the special service or discounts. Underground bar: Children who underage cannot enter this area. this area provides alcoholic drinks.
  2. 2. Sporting zone: Batting center, indoor golf, Archery, futsal, tennis court, table-tennis table, volley-ball court, basket-ball court, darts, billiards and etc... And various events for 800yen free time. One hour - 300yen Free time - 800yen Indoor pool: Various Events. swimming lectures. One day ticket are 400yen. One hour - 100yen One day - 400yen *Free Time: No limits of time service. Benefits Income by tenants. Membership fee. entrance fee. ad rate. Benefits for Customers Stress reduce. Relaxation. Activate the local economy. Contact Details and Office Location Phone: 0240-XXX-XXXX Internet URL: