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  1. 1. A, To delight. To give a dream. To improve the economic situation. To make an appeal for area. To people. B, The required permission is difficult point because the ammusement park is so big, so many houses might have to move out. We can expect the human resources has no probrem because the amusement park will attract many people from all over the world. Therefore, we have to make many attractions,so we need to contract with some companies to get many machines. First of all, we will borrow many monies from the bank to contract the construction company and to make many attractions. In addition, we will construct in big place as much as possible because many houses might have to move out. C, Identify three problems that you might face while launching your company or obtaining the necessary items, setting up the location, obtaining the necessary permission etc. 1. We will face problem of safe management of amusement attractions such as scary ride in our amusement park. Because for put safety before everything else. 2. We will face problem of a location. We must locate a broad location setting up our amusement park. 3. We will face problem of health in our amusement park. We have to guard health at shops and restaurants and so on in our amusement park. We will not have to neglect cleaning in our amusement park. D 1. What will be sme of the considerations when deciding on the following: a. comp any hours 10:00 ~ 21::00 2. pricing of your product $500,000 3. the location that will be rented or bought Ofcouse, we bought. 4. advertising your product. making a home page to advertise. getting to advertise by CM on TV.