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  1. 1. WEEK 11 A. A brief overview of the company and its products. A objective of our company is to make full of smiles and delight for customers. It is for that purpose that we have to need teaching employees a much product. In case, employee is role of cleaning a ground in a happy land, if they are asked "What are you doing?", they must replay "I am gathering dreams of children in the world." In case, employee is trainer of attractions in happy land, Where should I line customer? How many people come in that attraction? B. How is one of the products created or used? we correct excutives and, we and they make a product. We correct all employees and employers and, we teach them the product. C. How does a person (customer or employee) decide what to do (what to make or what to buy)? ● Employee ○ Guide: Guide person will guide place of stores, restaurants, attractions and so on in our amusement park to customers ○ Store Employee: Store employee person will wait on customers. And store employee person guides goods of our amusement park to customers. ○ Chef: Chef person will cater customers with delicious meal. ○ Cleaner: Cleaner person will clean up our amusement park, for our amusement park will offend customers. ○ Security Officer: Security officer person, for safety of customers and our amusement park, will keep guard on our amusement park. ● Customer: Customer person will buy what customers want to buy, eat what customers want to eat and play what customers want to play. And customers will enjoy themselves at our amusement park. D. How are the products packaged? ● Attraction: Attractions will also enjoy exterior package. Attractions will also be flashy exterior package. ● Goods: Goods's package will rouse customers's buying motivation. For example, one goods will be cool design, another goods will be so cute design and so on. E. We need training because employees have to guide for visitors and know some information about machine. First, we will prepare the manual about guide for visitors. In addition, all employees memorize completely. Secondly, we will practice for guide like the fact as much as possible.
  2. 2. F. We will have long line at the popular attraction everytime, so we have pass ticket for visitors who want to ride the attraction. It is a little more expensive than usual ticket. However, it will improve the confusion. G. Employee: It calls the president, also It speaks directly. Customer: It calls the president, also It speaks directly.(If the site and the advertisement are seen, it understands. )