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Final portfolio

  1. 1. Final Portfolio WEEK2 1. Information Researcher A. It's important to save reader time B. 1. We don't have to write polite and formal sentences. 2. Put the important point of your message up front. 3. Use legible font and symbols to emphasize. 4. Don't put unnecessary information. 5. Check for mistakes. C. 1. You may put unnecessary words if you write polite and formal sentences. 2. Reader can get important information quickly. 3. Reader can understand and be impressed easier. 4. We usually write short and concise. 5. You might be rude if you write wrong spelling and sentences. D. E-mail is not formal much, and it is usually short and concise because reader might be impressed like it. We should write that reader can understand and get the key point quickly, so we must not write unnecessary information in business email. In addition, it is the good way to emphasize important words and use symbol. You have to check for mistakes, too. This will save reader time when reading email. 2. Contents Organizer A. E-mail is much less formal than a written letter. E-mails are usually short and concise. If you are writing to someone you don't know, a simple "Hello" is adequate. Using a salutation such as "Dear Mr. Smith," is too formal. When writing to someone you know well, feel free to write as if you are speaking to the person. Use abbreviated verb forms (He's, We're, He'd etc.). Include a telephone number to the signature of the email. This will give the recipient the chance to telephone if necessary. It is not necessary to include your email address as the recipient can just reply to the email. When replying eliminate all the information that is not necessary. Only leave the sections of text that are related to your reply. This will save your reader time when reading your email. B. Hello, Thanks very much for a pleasant lunch and many useful topic today. I'm sorry suddenly and late. Please allow me to send you E-mail because facebook don't work. Tonkatsu(a fried pork cutlet)was delicious. I ate a rich lunch after a long time. However, I'm pity because I had intended to speak you my mind, but I couldn't. To tell the truth, I had many topics that I want to speak you more and more. I was felt keenly that I haven't study hard enough. I would like to talk you more. Could you eat a lunch with me again? I'm going to practice and study English from now on. Jun Okada the university of Aizu 965-0005
  2. 2. C. 1. Recently, I have encountered a difficult problem which we can not play club activities because of rain or snow. 2. I could not solve a problem which experimentation of a science and engineering. D. 1. Whether use “Dear” I or not. 2. Whether write formal or informal. 3. Whether need sign or not. 4. Whether use omission or not. 5. Whether include telephone number or not. 3. Plan Developer A. B. C. 1. Abbreviated verb forms are word that is such as “He's, We're, He'd, etc.”. 2. Symbol is mark that is emphasize usually words. 3. An informative subject line is theme that is contents of email. 4. Emotions or offensive language is word that is impair someone's good name and reputation. 5. Brief is type that is organized contents of email. D. 1. When should we write writing letter? 2. Should we write what kind of business email? 3. What should we write our individual informations on business email? WEEK3 Email To:Dr.Brine From:group A
  3. 3. Subject::Amusement park plan A. In order to need for launching this business and learn format of Email. B. In 1930s, world economy got worse because world depression happened in NY, but entertainment business have kept getting the benefit all over the world. C. First of all, we need big ground,employment cost and the cost of building and so on , so we have to borrow a lot of money from banks. Second, we have a think character design and program of parade. D. Daichi Kikuta is head of a company, Jun Okada is executive managing director Yuya Ito is administrator of amusement attraction, Yusuke Abe is full-body suit of cat and dog. E. We have no question. Internal memorandum Date: April 27th To:Dr.Brine From:Group A Subject:Amusement park plan A. An amusement park. B. Old and young alike are enjoyable amusement park even in the midst global rece ssion. and restore vitality to the local areas by building the amusement park an d activation of a local communities. C. First of all, Our objective is that the benefit is higher than Disneyland, and get smile. smile is priceless. Second, we have to keep trying to generate the benefit. D. We construct safe the amusement attractions and clean up the amusement park, because we want to look customers smile. E. Our amusement park targets old and alike and all kinds of group such as family and couple. Our target market is sports shops, eating and drinking establishments, and so on. F. Our industry will keep developing in the future, so our industry will be not change. H. Our company is by no means affected by business depression. Making original goods and characters, generate a synergistic effect. such as becoming a cartoon film and a video game and so on. WEEK4 1. Information Researcher A. Content of amusement park establishment.
  4. 4. B. 1. The outline is recorded. 2. The background is recorded. 3. Details of the activity are recorded. 4. Content of activity is recorded. 5. Details of amusement park is recorded. C. There are a lot of information, it is used a lot. I think that our group use many information. D. There are a lot of agreeing parts of present project and the reference document. 2. Contents Organizer A. We'll use many pictures because it is easy for reader to understand easier. In addition, we'll write the detail about attraction and selling point and target on brochure. B. 1. Introduction about this amusement park. 2. Selling point. 3. Target. 4. Attraction. 5. A difference of another amusement park. C. 1. Introduction about this amusement park : This is about history and institution. 2. Selling point: This is about event or festival. 3. Target: This is good information for traveler. 4. Attraction: We'll explain many attractions. 5. A difference of another amusement park: D. We think that the brochure about amusement park will be read by family, so we have to make it so that children can understand easier. Finally, we want to make fancy brochure. 3. Plan Developer A, B, C and D.
  5. 5. WEEK5 Happy Island 1. Purpose and History of the Company All of us at HappyIsland hope that your visit happy and the memorable experience for you and your family. HappyIsland is open called a “fairy kingdom” because it combines fantasy and history. Adventure and learning, together with every variety of recreation and fun designed to appeal to everyone. During your visit, you may wish to stop for a moment in Town Square. There, at the base of the flagpole, you will find a message which expresses HappyIsland's true purpose. HappyIsland is dedicated to ideals, the dreams and the hard facts which have created World... with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. 2. Price of Admission
  6. 6. Age ~6 7 ~ 15 16 ~ Price $10 $20 $40 3. Benefits of Using Your Product This amusement park will make all people happy and feel the impression like dream. You might forget the time If you experience many attractions in the HappyIsland, and please soothe the mind and the body. You will absolutely get wonderful and meaningful time. It will have never forgotten once you visit to this park. 4. Contact Detail and Office Location Address : Toronto, Canada Phone : 080-xxxx-xxxx E-mail : WEEK6 1. Information Researcher A. What's in these sites are philosophy of business, types of amusement attraction, electronic advertisement, and so on. B. 1. Business attitude 2. Business mission 3. Action guideline 4.Company brochure 5.Corporate development C. These sites contribute to develop our plan of amusement park ,so these sites are good example of amusement park. D. The reference documents very take from our plan of amusement park. 2. Content Organizer A. First of all, Information gathering, second decided the place, third decided content of charge. B. About set up amusement park. C. 1. location 2. cost 3. content of charge 4. goal of benefit 5. condition of site D. Because this way is general. 3. Plan Developer
  7. 7. A, B, C and D. WEEK7 I. Cover Page Happy Island Toronto 3-4-23 080-xxxx-xxxx (Tel) (Email) Prepared By Group A and Brine(Boss)
  8. 8. Submitted To: Goldman Suchs II. Executive Summary This business type is amusement park, and name is “Happy Island”. The objective is making people of the world happy and laughing. We’ll borrow money from the local bank after that we’ll build it. In addition, we have to employ about 500 workers. This program will make development of economy. There are many amusement park in the world, so we have to reflect about proprietorship like mascot character and attraction. We’ll make original character and attraction. We need about $5,000,000 for personnel and construction cost. Effect of the money on the business will use for extension of this park and some events. III. Table of Contentss IV. The Business A. Description of the Business Our business is amusement park, so we have to advertise our business on TV, magazine and newspaper all over the world. In addition, we have some services for first month. Industry of Entertainment is the only business what was successful when it was the Great Depression. B. Industry Analysis ・Is it a fad? No. ・Is it seasonal? All season are OK. ・Is it increasing or decreasing? This is increasing. ・Does it simply grow with the population? Yes. ・Is the market always there, always the same? The base is the same, but we have original character and attraction. ・What are the factors affecting the growth of the market, and of market share? Construction and personnel cost, Goods, ・Where are they located? It locate in foreign country.
  9. 9. ・How large is the market? It is similar to Disney Land. ・What are their characteristics? They are many original attractions. ・What percentage of that market is the business' share? Graph 1 Construction Cost (15%) Personnel Cost(40%) Goods Store(25%) Insrance (15%) The Other (5%) ・Who are the potential customers for the business' product or service? They are people of the world. C. Vision Statement Borrow a much money at a bank and, establish a building in the while. D. Vision Trigger We make a pleasure for children, old man and woman by happy island. Amazing, Delight, Dream. Creating a new entertainment. C. Mission Statement A road to the goal is that the children are bursting with energy. Our mission statement is turnover of our amusement park reaches three hundred million yen. D. Business Objective Our mission statement is turnover of our amusement park reaches three hundred million yen.
  10. 10. V. Business Operations A. Marketing Amusement Attraction Happy Island will construct amusement attraction: ● Ferris wheel ● roller coaster ● merry-go-round ● haunted house ● go-cart ● coffee cup ● free fall ● and so on We will construct only one Ferris wheel, go-cart and coffee cup but two or more scary ride such as roller coaster and free fall and haunted house in amusement park. We will check amusement attractions in amusement park for customer's peace of mind. And we will think new amusement park attractions after amusement park will be opened. Parade and Show Happy Island will run two or three times parade and show every day. Parade and Show of Happy Island will do participatory parade and show for our customer's a more excitement. And Happy Island will change content of parade and show on a regular schedule. Restaurant, cafe and Store We will construct one or two fine restaurants, two or three family restaurants, two or three cafes and two or more stores. Fine restaurant and family restaurant can eat lunch and dinner. Fine restaurant can eat a full-course meal unchanged other fine restaurant. Also, family restaurant don't change other family restaurant's price. Cafe fits coffee break in amusement park. Store is sold light meal such as sandwich and munch, coming-home present such as goods and sweet treat. Price Our amusement park change price of admission with age. First, customers of between the ages of 0 and 6 cost 10 Canadian dollars a day. Next, customer of between the ages of 7 and 15 cost 20 Canadian dollars a day. Finally, customer of between the ages of 16 and over cost 40 Canadian dollars a day. We think enjoyable payment method among people of all ages. Price setting of restaurants and cafes don't change price setting of other restaurants and cafes. For example, price setting of family restaurant's lunch is between 7 and 14 Canadian dollars with set menus. In addition, cafes is between 2 and 5 Canadian dollars with a cup of coffee. Additionally, Stores is sold various goods on various price. There are all sorts of price of goods. Place Toronto is considered a very cosmopolitan city. There are a lot of unique building that have attracted attention on architectonics in Toronto. And, we will build amusement park in a lot of
  11. 11. unique building that have attracted attention on architectonics in Toronto. We must search land for we will build our amusement park. And, our amusement park will don't have to lose a lot of unique building that have attracted attention on architectonics in Toronto. By doing this, wonderful new building will join in Toronto. Promotion Happy Island will be promoted with a variety of marketing methods: By degrees, we will start promotion one month before a grand opening. Contents of promotion will advertise on the Internet, mobile Internet. We will not advertise on TV, for commercial on TV cost a small fortune. We will only use advertisement on Internet and mobile Internet, for we think that this way will become fully effective. Also, we will give service with mobile phone. If customer become a member of mobile phone, we will present simple coupon for all members. One and three-year sales forecasts are presented in Table 3 together with anticipated promotional costs. TABLE 1 One And Three­year Sales Forecasts And Related Promotional  Costs Years    Sales Revenue Promotion Cost (million) (million) One  1,000 200 Two 1,500 250 Three 2,000 320 B. Competitive Analysis The prospective owner conducted a personal survey to obtain the information presented in the following competitive analysis and in Exhibit 2, Competitive Analysis. There are no amusement parks except our amusement park in Toronto, but there are various entertainment centers in Toronto. Entertainment centers in Toronto will be our competition. Air Canada Centre Air Canada Centre is gymnasium. NHL's The Toronto Maple Leafs and NBA's Toronto Raptors are
  12. 12. Air Canada Centre-based team. The Toronto Male Leafs has one of the most proudest history, along with Montreal Canadiens. Therefore, The Toronto Male Leafs is the most popular NHL's team. Also, Toronto Raptors `is the only Canadian team in the NBA. There is 5,200 capacity show house in Air Canada Centre. Show house in Air Canada Centre can respond to Concert, Broadway and so on. Rogers Centre Rogers Centre is baseball park. MLB's Toronto Blue Jays is Rogers Centre-based team. Toronto Blue Jays is the only Canadian team in the MLB. Rogers Centre is the world's first stadium that has movable roofs. Rogers Centre's capacities are 50,516 people in baseball and 53,506 people in football. Also, Rogers Centre curtains off inside the stadium, and Rogers Centre is concert venue. Toronto Eaton Centre Toronto Eaton Centre is large shopping mall and composite-type offices. In Toronto, in the number of visitors, Toronto Eaton Centre place that is the most popular visitors. Also, Toronto Eaton Centre has is the largest store area in east Canada. In the number of stores, Toronto Eaton Centre is second greatest scale after Square One Shopping Centre in east Canada. Canadian National Tower Canadian National Tower is tower for connection and sightseeing. Canadian National Tower is 553.33 meters high, and there are four observatory in Canadian National Tower. Thus, Canadian National Tower popular tourist attraction in Toronto. In building of self-support type, Canadian National Tower had been the most highest tower during 32 years between open and 2007. Exhibit 1, Competitive Analysis, compares important competitive factors of the ice cream businesses discussed above with Fast ‘n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor. Exhibit 1 Items Happy Island Air Canada Rogers Centre Toronto Canadian Centre Eaton Centre National Tower Category Amusement Sports and Sports and shopping mall observation park theater venue theater venue tower Eating Place Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Price 40 Canadian No Pattern No Pattern No Pattern About 20 dollars Canadian dollars National No No No No No Chain Years In Start-Up Eleven Twenty One Eighteen Thirty Five Business Reputation Unknown Excellent good Excellent good C. Legal Structure Happy Island will be operated as a sole-proprietorship owned by Group A and John Brine
  13. 13. Entrepreneur. D. Management Expertise The owner, Group A and John Brine Entrepreneur, has founded four highly successful amusement businesses in the Canada and U.S.. The owner holds an undergraduate computer science and engineering degree, the University of Aizu, Aizuwakamatsu City. Also, Group A Entrepreneur holds an MBA from the School of Entrepreneurship, Harvard University, Cambridge city. Group A and John Brine Entrepreneur’s extensive business enterprises have used several reputable Toronto professionals who provide business services. These include the Goldsmith Insurance Agency, Jerome and Company CPAs, and Jensen, Barker, and Symthe law firm. The owner has had a long term banking relationship with Valley City National Bank. Group A and John Brine Entrepreneur is also a highly regarded consultant to amusement businesses in Canada and U.S.. Although consulting income is not included in the financial projections of this plan, Group A and John Brine Entrepreneur usually consults five hours per week at $80/hr plus travel expenses; fee for a day’s consulting is $550 plus travel expenses. E. Support Personnel Most of the employee employs the part-time job. Student employees will earn $8,00/hr. initially with an opportunity for pay increases. VI. Financial Planning Tools A. Financial Information The following objectives are for the first three years of Happy Island: 1. Owner draw of $12,000,000 in Year 1. 2. Cash balance of $29,277,000 end of Year 1. 3. Owner draw of $12,000,000 in Year 2. 4. Cash balance of $15,614,000 end of Year 2. 5. Owner draw of $16,000,000 in Year 3. 6. Cash balance of $6,918,000 end of Year 3. 1. Sources of Money. This is a title. 2. Personal Funds. The owner will invest $95,000,000 into the business. 3. Loans. The owner will borrow $95,000,000 from Valley City National Bank as a five-year revolving line of credit at 10%.
  14. 14. 4. Equipment/Supplies. The majority is basically used for construction expenses. 5. Available Cash. Total of sources of money. 6. Uses of Cash. Title. 7. Security Deposits. Security and other deposits will include $5,000,000 for lease-related deposits, $2,000,000 for utility deposits, and $2,000,000 for miscellaneous deposits for a total of $9,000,000. 8. Signs. Happy Island will have extensive Riverside Faire approved signage on all four side of the building. Signage and installation will cost $8,200,000 according to an estimate by Valley City Quality Sign Co. 9. Leasehold Improvements. Net leasehold improvements after the $100/sq.ft. allowance by the landlord will total $7,500. This estimate was provided Repairing cost minor improvements. 10. Business License Fee. The business license fee based on business revenue (2% of gross revenue) will be $3,000,000 (License and Permits Office, Valley City). 11. Insurance Premiums. Goldsmith Insurance Aency, Valley City, estimated annual premiums at $6,000,000. These premiums will cover business liability, property damage, workman¡Çs compensation, and all other types of insurance. 12. Office Expense. This item includes all office-related expenses including copying and paper supplies. The owner will perform office duties. Total is estimated at $2,000,000 annually based on the owner¡Çs previous experience. 13. Advertising And Promotion. $7,000,000 will be allocated to the advertising and promotion campaigns discussed in the Marketing section above. 14. Real Estate/Other Taxes. Real Estate and Personal Property taxes will total $3,700/year. 15. Miscellaneous Expenses. $8,000,000 has been estimated 16. Payroll. Wages total $46,200. This total includes 121 winter workdays, with one employee working 5 hours a day at $8.00/hour. It also includes 201 summer workdays, with two employees each working five hours a day at $8.00/hour. Payroll includes the manager¡Çs annual salary, employer taxes such as FICA, unemployment insurance, and workers¡Ç compensation, but does not include withholdings. 17. Payroll Taxes and Benefits. These are estimated to be $9,240,00, 20% of wages and include FICA, scholarships, and manager benefits.
  15. 15. 18. Owner¡Çs Draw. This information is $1,000,000 per month or $12,000,000 annually. This amount is increased in future years. 19. Total Expenditures. $50,000,000. VII. Summary Happy Island will be successful. This business plan has documented that the establishment of Happy Island is feasible. All of the critical factors such as industry trends, marketing analysis, competitive analysis, management expertise, and financial analysis support this conclusion. We win without fail !!! VIII. Supporting Documentation 1. Resume Person talented in sports. 2. Letter of Recommendation It doesn't relate to us. 3. Special Awards, Achievements One in 10,000 is free. Achievements is a profit 10 billion yen a year. 4. Newspaper and Magazine Clippings Happy Island open !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on. 5. Additional Relevant Information Supporting Your Business Couple is half the price. WEEK8 1. Information Researcher A. We should include how much application fee, project appraisal in feasibility report and, Anyway, we have to think how to get approval for my amusement park. B. I think ( is directly related to my vision of feasibility report. ( is real summary of company. C. Our document is not united. Our document is full of inconsistencies. It is evidence our ideas don't have finally. D. Especially, reference document ( %20Summary.pdf) is final objective of us. We must finish current project to like a sample
  16. 16. feasibility report. We have many links between the reference documents and the current project. 2. Content Organaizer A. We will write final document in mind the current document and feasibility or not. B. How to get approval for your amusement park and avail of attractive financial incentives. C. 1. Planned construction site and the cost of land 2. Accomplishment of competitor 3. Detail of application guidebook 4. Main products 5. Promotion ways D. The document needs various items. But if the document uses all items, the document will be not the logical organization. Because the document will use only necessary items. 3. Plan Developer A and B. C. document: a piece of paper that has official information on it construction: the process of building things such as houses, bridges, roads etc accomplishment: something successful or impressive that is achieved after a lot of effort and hard work competitor: a person, team, company etc that is competing with another guidebook: g a book about a city, country etc
  17. 17. D. 1. The document needs various items. 2. The document uses all items, the document will be not the logical organization. 3. The document will use only necessary items. WEEK9 A. To delight. To give a dream. To improve the economic situation. To make an appeal for area. To people. B. The required permission is difficult point because the ammusement park is so big, so many houses might have to move out. We can expect the human resources has no probrem because the amusement park will attract many people from all over the world. Therefore, we have to make many attractions,so we need to contract with some companies to get many machines. First of all, we will borrow many monies from the bank to contract the construction company and to make many attractions. In addition, we will construct in big place as much as possible because many houses might have to move out. C. Identify three problems that you might face while launching your company or obtaining the necessary items, setting up the location, obtaining the necessary permission etc. 1. We will face problem of safe management of amusement attractions such as scary ride in our amusement park. Because for put safety before everything else. 2. We will face problem of a location. We must locate a broad location setting up our amusement park. 3. We will face problem of health in our amusement park. We have to guard health at shops and restaurants and so on in our amusement park. We will not have to neglect cleaning in our amusement park. D. 1. What will be sme of the considerations when deciding on the following: a. company hours 10:00 ~ 21:00 2. pricing of your product $500,000 3. the location that will be rented or bought Of couse, we bought. 4. advertising your product. making a home page to advertise. getting to advertise by CM on TV. WEEK 10 1. Information Researcher A. We need many roles like guide, informer, guide of attraction, ticket collector, nurse, garbage collector and office worker to manage the amusement park. These documents are particular about
  18. 18. some roles. In addition, these will give us important information about the numbers of worker, the role and the cost. B. We have to know detail for some roles. We will find the number of worker and the role. We have to think about personal cost. It is important for us to make organization. We might have some problem like shift and interview. C. This project needs many workers and roles, so this information will help our organization more intelligible. We will know necessary role that we need. We have to employ many workers, so we should know the detail about the role. D. The role is important to manage the project. We have to know detail for all roles. We need the manual about the role because it is important to run this project. If we don't have manual about the detail, we will be not able to organize. 2. Content Organizer A. Overall, what is your plan for designing the final document? -----> My plan is to get employee for a job without a mistake. B. Identify the major headings / paragraphs in the logical order of the document -----> Don't get employees to make an accident. Don't get employees to deal with customers badly. Get always employees to give a smile for customers. Don't get employees to forget enjoying a job. Get employees to give a dream for children. C. Explain the 5 major points that you see in the final document. -----> To be precious friends of work. To keep a safety in mind. Don't forget a enthusiasm for customers. Don't forget to give a smile. Don't forget to enjoy D. Explain the logical organization in the document. Question: Why did you choose to organize the document this way? Answer: Because employee is easy to understand. 3. Plan Developer A.
  19. 19. B. C. role: the way in which someone or something is involved in an activity or situation, and how much influence they have on it customer: someone who buys goods or services from a shop, company etc employee: someone who is paid to work for someone else enthusiasm: a strong feeling of interest and enjoyment about something and an eagerness to be involved in it safety: when someone or something is safe from danger or harm D. We have to determine disciplined roles. We have to move each roles into action. We have to enjoy any works. WEEK11
  20. 20. A. A brief overview of the company and its products. A objective of our company is to make full of smiles and delight for customers. It is for that purpose that we have to need teaching employees a much product. In case, employee is role of cleaning a ground in a Happy Island, if they are asked "What are you doing?", they must replay "I am gathering dreams of children in the world." In case, employee is trainer of attractions in Happy Island, Where should I line customer? How many people come in that attraction? B. How is one of the products created or used? we correct executives and, we and they make a product. We correct all employees and employers and, we teach them the product. C. ● Employee ○ Guide: Guide person will guide place of stores, restaurants, attractions and so on in our amusement park to customers ○ Store Employee: Store employee person will wait on customers. And store employee person guides goods of our amusement park to customers. ○ Chef: Chef person will cater customers with delicious meal. ○ Cleaner: Cleaner person will clean up our amusement park, for our amusement park will offend customers. ○ Security Officer: Security officer person, for safety of customers and our amusement park, will keep guard on our amusement park. ● Customer: Customer person will buy what customers want to buy, eat what customers want to eat and play what customers want to play. And customers will enjoy themselves at our amusement park. D. ● Attraction: Attractions will also enjoy exterior package. Attractions will also be flashy exterior package. ● Goods: Goods's package will rouse customers's buying motivation. For example, one goods will be cool design, another goods will be so cute design and so on. E. We need training because employees have to guide for visitors and know some information about machine. First, we will prepare the manual about guide for visitors. In addition, all employees memorize completely. Secondly, we will practice for guide like the fact as much as possible. F. We will have long line at the popular attraction every time, so we have pass ticket for visitors who want to ride the attraction. It is a little more expensive than usual ticket. However, it will improve the confusion. G. ● Employee: It calls the president, also It speaks directly. ● Customer: It calls the president, also It speaks directly.(If the site and the advertisement are seen, it understands. )