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The DotCom Bubble in California


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Published in: Business, Technology
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The DotCom Bubble in California

  1. 1. The DotCom Bubble in California
  2. 2. Outline・Introduction・Background・Happening・Suffering・Impact(World)・Impact(Japan)・Summary・References
  3. 3. Introduction・The DotCom Bubble happened in the end of the1990s.・It is the extraordinary general atmosphere ofinvestment in DotCom company.・In 1999-2000,  stock prices increased more thanusually, but DotCom Bubble burst in 2001.
  4. 4. Background・E-commerce that it can process direct interactivecommunication with consumers turned into reality. -Many company make an investment of Internet. -People were interested in IT company providingthose service.
  5. 5. Happening・Many investors lost handsome amount by theDotCom bubble.・A lot of Internet start-ups were birthed in the midto late 1990s.・These companies came to be referred to as“DotComs,” .
  6. 6. Suffering・In 2002, the U.S. IT-related unemployed peoplereached 560,000. ーBut a portion of entrepreneurial venture such asGoogle, Amazon, DotCom and e-bay weresurviving.・America entered a long-term recession subsequentto the collapse of the DotCom bubble.
  7. 7. Impact(World)・In India, investment in the software related grew.  ーThis exerted a positive impact to India.・In China, stock price that the IT relatedcompany  take the whole operation public fetch highprices. ーBut China didnt take a severe hit.
  8. 8. Impact(Japan)・Dot-com bubble didnt last long.・The Internet bubble in Japan disintegrated all too soon.・But Japanese economy shift to a minor key by theprolonged recession.
  9. 9. Summary・Many IT-related ventures called "Dot-comcompanies" was established.・By DotCom bubble economy burst, many peoplelost a job.
  10. 10. References・History of the Internet - the Dotcom bubble・What was the Dot-com Bubble?・Dot-com bubble