How Amazon Business Works


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How Amazon Business Works

  1. 1. How amazon business work?
  2. 2. Topics・Product・Technology・Feature・e-commerce・Summary・More information
  3. 3. sells many stuff.Product:beauty supplies, clothing, jewelry, gourmet food,sporting goods, pet supplies, books, CDs, DVDs,computers, furniture, toys, garden supplies,bedding
  4. 4. Technology ・Amazon provide not only special offers andfeatured product, but some recommendation just for you by history.・By embedded marketing techniques, Amazon know more information about customer.
  5. 5. Feature・By cookie, it is possible to find yourself on thereceiving end of all sorts of useful features that make your shopping experience conveniently.・For example, recommendations based on pastpurchases and lists of reviews and guides written by users who purchased the products youre looking at.
  6. 6. e-commerce・Amazon lets everyone sell everything using its platform.・Customer can find straight sales of merchandise sold directly in the mid-90s. They are shipped from a very big warehouse.・Since 2000, customer can also find goods listed by third-party sellers as individuals, small companies and retailers .
  7. 7. summary・Amazon have variety product.・Utilized various way. (e-commerce, cookie)・Provided product which adapt to each particular customer.
  8. 8. More informationE-commerce : :