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  1. 1. Topic:Designing Instructional Guide Group:C 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER - A. The one necessary for work and detailed information to work are written. what work you do to the guid e of the education. B. The content with a detailed work is written in the guide of the education. The tool necessary for work is written in this. The target of work is written in this. C. What work you do to the guide of our education is written. As a result, we can work efficiently. Moreover, the target of work is written in the guide of our education. As a result, we can work with the motivation. D. We referred to the feasibility report in the Internet to make a good Instructional Guide. 2.CONTENT ORGANIZER - A. We make the document to which the guide of the education is written in detail. B. The heading of the document is a tool and a qualification necessary for the target, the content of work, and the work of the company. C We clarify the target of the company. We explain corporate principles of the company. We describe the content of work in detail. We describe necessary qualifications in the company. We explain how to advance work. D. We make out a document to understand the corporate policy. If how to advance work was written in the guide of the education, work advances efficiently, and can do the enhanced work. Moreover, we know why to work, and can work.