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How Fingerprint Scanners Work


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Published in: Technology
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How Fingerprint Scanners Work

  1. 1. How Fingerprint Scanners Work Scanners began to launch even the high security building and the PC keyboard everywhere in the past several years in the police station. You were able to pick up USB fingerprint scanner personal for less than 100 dollars, and your computer was guarded exactly by high-tech biometrics like that. In the password or the password, to acquire accessories, you need a peculiar print.
  2. 2. Fingerprint Basics People have the ridge where the skin is small on their fingers. The rubber tread pattern that it becomes easier for the hand to grip the one by "Valley" of the pattern and the finger of the ridge : to the same way to help the tire to grip the road. Each person has a different respectively fingerprint, and does the personal identification based on it.
  3. 3. Optical Scanner The fingerprint scanner system has two basic work. And, it is necessary to decide whether the ridge in this image and the pattern of the valley are suitable for the pattern of the ridge and the valley in the image scanned beforehand.
  4. 4. Capacitance Scanner A capacitive fingerprint scanner generates the image of the ridge and the valley where the fingerprint is made like an optical scanner. This is composed by various parts such as insulators and semiconductors.
  5. 5. Analysis The scanner system software uses a very complex though these details are analyzed recognizing it algorithm.
  6. 6. Pros and cons There are some methods by which the security system can confirm someone is an authorized user. Most systems are looking for the following one or more: * What you have * What you know * Who you are