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How Craigslist Works


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How Craigslist Works

  1. 1. How Craigslist Works (original San Francisco community electronic newsletter) is one of the English websites visited most now.
  2. 2. The Craigslist Network 1 Each craigslist site focuses it on a specific community. Originally, craigslist only listed the classified ad and the announcement in San Francisco. Craigslist that exceeded founder Craig Newmark's original concept when service grew up popularly and often extended added other cities to the network. The first city that joined the network was Boston in 2000.
  3. 3. The Craigslist Network 2 According to craigslist's fact sheet, every month craigslist has: * more than 25 million new classified ads * more than 1.5 million job postings * more than 75 million user postings in the forums section * more than 10 million new photos uploaded (users can include pictures in their advertisements as long as the photos don't violate craigslist's terms of use) * more than 30 million user visits, most of which are from the United States * more than 8 billion page views, putting craigslist in the top 10 English-language sites
  4. 4. Craigslist Financials 1 It became an independent company though Craigslist started the pet project. Craigslist was incorporated as a for-profit organization in 1999. Moreover, to prevent everyone from buying the member for it and confusing craigslist, the company bought the domain
  5. 5. Craigslist Financials 2 Either Craig Newmark Gym Buckmaster doesn't exist either.He describes the title as a customer service representative though Newmark is a chairperson of craigslist with the founder. In Buckmaster, not only CEO but also the site is a lead developer. He helped to design homepage, web structure, forum, community middle-of-the- roader system, and missing person's column categories and the search engines.
  6. 6. Craigslist Controversy One of the largest challenges to the craigslist community detaches the impostor. If they find them by chance on the site, the section explains what the strategy and the user of a general swindle should do. The phishing of a decoy sales plan, individual information, the identity theft plan, and the other is planned like obtaining an unlawful activity unethical might relations to the imitation money instruction or the check the swindle of the design.