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Sw3 pre4-3


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Sw3 pre4-3

  1. 1. Introduction In a presentation immediately, reference is serve many presentation. Practice is very important and other people's reaction is too. We have to remember past other parson's presentation what was interesting and what was not interesting. Presentation is limited to 30 minutes.
  2. 2. The content I have to demonstrate my motive. I have to understanded for listener my presentation to worth. Provides the background of the problem, and the experimental results and provides sufficient technical detail. I tell what is important in this presentation. Support the slide only. Omitted is important. Rights is important.
  3. 3. The slides (1) MAKING A SLIDES We have to name the slide titles properly. That helps audience how the slide means. Do not use the same title. Do not put many words in the slides. Because of many words, they may miss an important things. We have to make a sentences short, and simple. In the last slide, there should be conclusions, not about future, or questions. A presentation must be finished not remaining question and problem.
  4. 4. The slides (3) GOOD SLIDES Slides that have only words is boring for audiences. Some pictures make slides bright and simple to understand. Only black words slides is not good to see. In the slides, red, blue, green words will make presentation understandable. In addition, big, bold, italic, and underbar words is also.
  5. 5. The slides (3) IN A PRESENTATION Starting to talk, you can say the sentences in the slides but if only, it is boring for audiences. It is very good to say what is not in the slide. Audiences will give you their attention. When the room presentation is held is very large, we should check how large we say. Too small voice, Not all audiences can't listen. ` Sometimes audience tell us their question. To answer this, we should prepair what questions will be told and its answer.
  6. 6. How we should do presentation When we do presentation, we should not use our hand. Because audience can not see our hands, they can not understand what we want to say. And laser pointer should not use too. If we use it, audience will pay attention to laser pointer. So, we should use talk and body langauge. If we do persentation, we should see audience very often. And we should not do panic. If we go int panic, we should drink water. Then, we can get good balance.
  7. 7. What we can do to answer the audience question Audience will ask some technical question. We have to answer those quetions. But if we prepear answer the question, we will not able to answer those questions. If we prepear to answer the question, we can get three benefit. First, we can think questions by our viewpoint. Second, we can think those questions a little time. Finally, we should use microphon that audience can hear our answer.
  8. 8. Practice talks Need to practice talking to yourself - speaking a loud in front of a mirror, for instance - give your first talk before practice. Session, these exercises are not really skip over any part of plan I should say a word difficult, we talk. To a different view to negotiate in training for critical high-profile consultation meetings and lectures interviews and consultations are helping a lot of mistakes too any one way to get a balanced opinion, please be avoided.