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Sw3 pre4-1

  1. 1. Group A presentation #4 s1170128 Kentaro Yamamoto s1170140 Kazuho Okuyama s1170141 Keiya Kato s1170142 Eisuke Kamiya
  2. 2. Topic for Document Design Exercise # 5 Customer want proper equipments to do their work easily. We sell many products but each have different function. If use them, we must check how to use them. Not all customers know how to use, so we should tell them how our products they want is different our other similar products. We can check person in need in our shop. There are some way to buy our product. When customer buy our product by credit card, customer can choice payment term. Our company can supply payment term of one to twelve. So customer can pay easily. If customer show cheque, our company can accept it. But customer has to get more time than other two type of payment. Because we have to check it is true.
  3. 3. Provide three things that you learn from this exercise and why is it important? We talk with my group member. If I suppose to launch new business with my group member, what can we sell too many goods. This is important in reflecting the future business and making one thing with group and each of member work. We practiced to read long english sentence and this sentence summarize short with member. This is important in grasp setence form. We practice to read simple english sentence and correct that sentence mistake. This is important in writing sentence on own.
  4. 4. Importance of the document for launching business In recent years, in particular we, like person specializing in computer have to flourish in the world. And, there are many English language computer and it is universal thing. In recent years, Asia's develop is remarkable. (For example China,Singapore and India etc...) Therefore, Becoming commonly to communicate english in Asia. So practice to make business in english is serve in future.
  5. 5. Example of another business or company There is a information of price which compnay want to sell. The product quality is guaranteed by 180 days. Account Manager is friendly and responsible. The company can chage quickly by social needs.
  6. 6. Explain the logical arrangement of the content in the docment Our company policy is to sarisfy costomer. So we are thinking what we can do to costomer. For example, if our product is broken soon, we will chage it new one. And if customer want to pay back, we may pay back unless customer don't use product.
  7. 7. How do you think your customers will be able to use instructional guides when purchasing your products? Our products have paper manual and CD-R that manual on WEB. WEB manual, written in many languages that use detailed, paper documentation is written in English and instructions you need to use immediately. This manual is written that other personal use when necessary, even if you need training on how to use our products in the enterprise, and easier to write for education. It is one of the attractions of our products, is needed to more people by putting our products to the instructions easy to read with the required functionality, also bought. We will also offer briefings on how to use our company products. It is not only an individual owner, company executives and personnel training, and education to all people who use our products.
  8. 8. What are the major headings, questions, key words in the documents? Why are they important? It is important to create a document. The document for viewing later when reviewing the document, it is important to write a headline. In addition, it is necessary to document questions and keywords. To see only the information needed to reform the fastest way is to search by keyword. The idea to prepare questions for future measures, the answer comes when the answer to that question if the same thing happened.
  9. 9. How the roles were divided between group members? Slide 1, 2, 9 Kazuho Okuyama Slide 3, 4 Eisuke Kamiya Slide 5, 6 Kentaro Yamamoto Slide 7, 8 Keiya Kato Thank you for your attention!