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  1. 1. The Literature Review s1170136 Ami Inomata
  2. 2. About literature review● Published on topic by scholars and researchers. Example: a part of essay, research report, thesis.
  3. 3. The necessity of literature review● Expansion of my knowledge.● Get something across. Example: purpose,knowledge,idea,strengths, limitation and so on.
  4. 4. The necessity of literature review ⇒skill up : information seeking and critical apparaisal
  5. 5. Affair at literature review● Relevance● Summary of what is and not known● Area of controversy in the literature● Demand of research aftertime
  6. 6. Ask myself questions● Especial task/thesis at define review● Type of literature review● Way of search● Adequacy of my information seeking● Critically analysis● Authority and argument about research● Propriety and usability of the reviews
  7. 7. About each book or article - 1● Formulate a problem by writer● Definition of problem or not● Way of approaching about problem● Orientation of research● Logicality● About logicality and way of research
  8. 8. About each book or article - 2● Background materials● Data analysis what it use● Critical literature● Thesis architectonics● Strengths● Limitation● Association with my research