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  1. 1. A. Why is it important to launch this business? Identify three ways in which this business might help the local community? ANS: There is a three reason for launching this business. The first reason is we can invent a new system which record a music by various way with launching this business. As the second reason, we can offer a music to public facility and individual by selling a Sound Sourse for example CDs. Finally, our company has a much of knowledge, we can teach to the people the right methods of duplicating musics and protect from crimes. We are thinking that music is very important for the world and for the peace. So we decide to launch this business.
  2. 2. B. Ideas for launching this business. Identify 5 innovative things you might want to do for developing this business. ANS: 1. In recording machine, sometimes you must have a difficult knowledge to use but we want to invent a machine which doesn't need a complex wisdom as possible. 2. Even if you can record your sounds, if it is low quality, that is problem. So we chalenge us making the thing that can record and play in high quality sounds. 3. Because we want to play our recorded music in many places, we want to make a music player which can play even if where you are. 4. Our company is recording company but we want to record not only musics but also movies. Because the music with the movie, for example playing the music instruments at the same time, is more attractive than only music. 5. Our company's work is basically record a music, but we want to record also the original music that we made.
  3. 3. C. How should your business reach out to the potential customers? What might be some of the ways you will advertise your company. ANS: We are going to use the media and open an even for people to know about our company. We present our company by using bright words and make a good impression to the people. So we have to attention about our negative points and improve it.
  4. 4. D. How should you advertise your products? Develop a proper advertising strategy to market your product to the local community. Write a slogan for your advertisement. ANS: Produce the product with the good point of it and always write our company's name for attract the people. And we take care of dealing with the product from bad reputation. Also we think about seasons and sell the our products in the good timing. Slogan: making not boring music.
  5. 5. E. How could the University of Aizu assist your business? Explain elaborately. ANS: Introducing the excellent people, get an advice from professors, and making a security software. There are many things we learn from University of Aizu. We can improve our company because the people in this university are very familiar with computers. And the people graduate from this university are working in various place, so if we contact them, we may be come up our mind the new idea.
  6. 6. F. What are the resources you need to start the business? Do you need to employ people, do you need furniture, computers for your store, etc?. Identify everything that you need. ANS: At least, our company needs resources for record a music. Generally, record company treat the money instead the artists or singer and take the right of master disc. So it is important that produce the artists and take part in them in event and show in TV.
  7. 7. G. Give an example of a company who sells similar products in the market. How do they sell their product. Do an internet search for what they sell, the prices, discounts etc they offer etc and report it here. ANS: In other company, they manage the famous artist or singer, and support them in machinery and materials. In the long run, other company also doing the same matter what we write in Question F.